The users’ perfect day: This is where you like to go in our cars

Where do GreenMobility’s users drive in the cars? And what would their perfect day in a “Green” look like?

Last week we started a competition with the price of daily rental (DKK 595). Our users quickly responded with many great descriptions and sweet greetings.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to describe what a perfect day in a “Green” looks like! The winners have been contacted directly and since there were so many good answers, we have chosen to gather several of the best below.

CopenHill and space for ski equipment in the car

“A perfect day in the city is for me a day where I can experience what it has to offer. I have visited CopenHill a couple of times to go skiing, but getting there and doing that is a bit of a task when you do not have your own car to carry the equipment.

It is a little awkward to use our city buses as ski buses and then walk 10 minutes with skis and boots (whether you wear them or hold them!). So that’s why I’m happy to borrow a city car, put the seats down, fill up with skis and boots, and then cruise off on Refshale Island, ready to cruise on the slopes! Cheers!”

– Lasse

With friends, uncle and enjoy the sun in the yard

“My family does not have a car and the only thing that can help me is GreenMobility. ❤️

During this time, I take GreenMobility to my friends or home to my uncle to be with them. I especially use the car to get to the private yard where it is so nice and warm and you can lie down.❤️ ”

– Hassan

Home from night watch, the beach and a trip to Copenhagen

“The free flexibility of going home from work at 1am or 2am at night and there is a long way until the next bus runs. I am deeply grateful for the times GreenMobility has been there for my aid when I needed whether it has been from a late-night watch or if it has been a trip when you need a ‘getaway’ to the beach.

I would clearly take advantage of a trip to the many beaches for a day if I could win. I wanted to pick up my 2 kids and take them for a walk around Kbh “.

– Jesper

Young and carefree

My son loves car journeys and gets immensely excited when he sees his car seat as he knows his day is about to get a whole different type of interesting (even if it does just mean a trip to IKEA!)

My perfect day with a Green would start with waking the family up super early – pajamas on, no time to change and jump in the car! We drive to Amager Strand with a few croissants and a thermos and wake up properly with a beach view. Time to remove those pajamas, have a quick dip, and back in the “Green” fully awake and ready to start the day!

Byoasen on Møllegade is the first stop – greet the goats and check-in with the chickens! This city farm lets us all feel like kids for a few hours and escape the city without leaving it. We spend a few hours here before a short walk to Plant Power on Fælledvej for a cosy and nutritious lunch, followed by a cheeky trip to Kaf on Birkegade – no need to disturb the “Green” just yet it’s only 2 minutes away!

We treat ourselves to additional sweetness and nab a doughnut each (if we are quick enough). I’ll have a chocolate and hazelnut one, a sugar glazed forthe husband and of course the brightestraspberry and lemon one forthe toddler.

It’s now midday and time for a matinee drive in the “Green” along Strandvejen. My son can nap in his beloved car seat with the window down while my husband and I pretend we are young and carefree. Still in our dream state, we hunt for a couple of Dan Tromboe’s Giants on the outskirts of the city before returning hungry and happy to One Bowl, a hidden spot on Borrups Allee for Dinner. We end the day as we start it; by the water, but this time it’s the City Lakes.

A little stroll in the sunset is cheesy but we do it anyway and look back on the day. Here comes the part I look forward to every evening: we ask our son what he enjoyed most that day….I have no clue what he will say, but he definitely has a few options to choose from!

– Rebekah

A walk on the beach and make the most of the day with my daughter

“My perfect day with a “Green” is picking up my daughter, then getting supplies and driving around and seeing the sights – visit the beach, see the countryside, have lunch somewhere really good but away from too many people and generally just treat her to a day with Dad… Don’t get to see her often so would make the MOST of that day 😃”

– Michael

This is custom heading element

“We love the city and have just moved to something bigger in Aarhus C, as we are soon going from just being us two to three. Yes, we welcome our little boy to September.

We have no car, but anyway, who needs it in the city when you always have a “Green” just within a short walking distance. Our perfect day with a “Green” is not just one but many. As a car for moving big stuff and home transport with new furniture from Ikea (there can be a lot in your cars), a trip to Bauhaus or two, when you just got the wrong fitting home the first time. A trip to Mosgård Strand etc. And we love the security it creates for a future mother to know that we have a car when the time comes and you have to go to the hospital.

We are also looking forward to stuffing the stroller in the trunk and car seat in the back seat and driving out and enjoying the Danish nature. That’s why we have not just one perfect day with a “Green” but more and hopefully many more in the future”.

– Lisa

A trip with mother and son, wind in the hair and ice cream by the water

“Just having such a clean city car available is nice. I begin the day with the first trip in the car to the baker. Then I want to take my mother and son in the car, my son can sit on the child seat which is already available in the “Green.” I want to take them for a walk by the water and there we can sit and enjoy an ice cream.

Then we just enjoy a ride in the city car. My son loves to get wind of his hair while we quietly drive down the roads.

Finally, we will end the tour by putting the “Green” to a charger that stands almost everywhere 😊. I love driving in “Green” because it is always green for the environment and because it is always available, clean, light, and ready to drive in 😍. Sincerely, “Green’s” best friend “.

– Leila

Risskov Beach, pizza in Aarhus, Vejle and Brabrand Lake

“My perfect day with a “Green” would be all around Aarhus. First I would drive to the Risskov Beach because I heard that it is really beautiful out there🌊 Afterwards I would order a pizza for take away and go to the Aarhus Ø to eat it 🍕

Then I would grab my friends and drive to Vejle to see the Vejle Waves since I have never been there before🌊 Also I would love to go to Brabrand Lake to walk around 🏞. And of course, then I will drive to a beautiful spot around to see the sunset 🌆🌇🚙💨. This would be my perfect day around together with “Green”🌸🌼”.

– Greta

The Blue Planet, Dyrehaven and dinner at Grandma and Grandmother's

“First we, my son, Anker (2 years), my wife and I, have to find a GreenMobility car. Then we drive through town to the Blue Planet, as my son and I love fish and he has never been there. Then we drive back home in a “Green”, and Anker takes a nap, then we jump in the car again and drive to Dyrehaven.

Here, Anker loves to run around and play in caves. Then we drive home to my wife’s parents in Roskilde and have dinner, then drive to the harbor and eat ice cream. Afterward, we drive home again. The picture is of Anker and me in Dyrehaven”.

– Marc

Strandvejen, Café Jorden Rund and wine with the guys

“My best day with a “Green” is when you gather a couple of guys, and take a walk up Strandvejen with some delicious music and just stay in Café Jorden Rundt. Enjoy some good weather or a glass of wine (after you have completed the trip in the car of course)”.

– Peter

Camp Adventure, car museum and inn

“I would begin with a trip to the new tower in Zealand, where you can look out over the landscape. A nice trip with friends and girlfriend. Then I would go to Næstved to see the car museum. There I would enjoy watching the development of cars from the beginning until now 🙂 In the end I wanted to go to an inn and get some delicious food with a big water for🙂”.

– Thomas