Terms and conditions

1. Definitions

1.1 Terms – Refers to the present lease terms.

1.2 The User – Refers to the natural or legal person having registered at GreenMobility.

1.3 GreenMobility – GreenMobility A/S – VAT No.: 35521585

1.4 The GreenMobility car(s) – Refers to any car or the fleet of cars provided by GreenMobility for the User according to the Terms.

1.5 Rental period – Refers to the period from when the User unlocks the GreenMobility car and until the User terminates the lease through the mobile app.

1.6 The Zone – Refers to the area defined by GreenMobility in which it is possible to start and end the Rental period and appears from the mobile app and on the GreenMobility website

1.7 The Price list – Refers to the price list in force at any time for using and renting the GreenMobility car.

2. In general

2.1 Any deviation from these Terms and the Price list must happen in writing to be valid.

2.2 GreenMobility reserves the right to change the Terms from time to time. If GreenMobility makes substantial changes in the Terms or the Price list to the disadvantage of the User, the User will be asked to accept the changed Terms before the beginning of a new Rental period.

2.3 GreenMobility reserves the right to immediately block the User’s access to the GreenMobility cars in case of a violation of these Terms or if the merits of the case call for it. Furthermore, the User must indemnify GreenMobility for any loss suffered by GreenMobility due to the User’s violation of the Terms or the legislation in general, and the User is liable for any administrative fee according to the Price list.

2.4 GreenMobility reserves the right to register information on the user in case their GreenMobility profile is blocked. The user can hereby be refused to open a new GreenMobility profile. GreenMobility can deny approval of a user if the person is registered on a so called “Blocked List”, which is shared between the parties after the approval from the Danish Data Protection Agency.

3. Customer relationship

3.1 When registering, the User acknowledges having concluded a binding electronic agreement with GreenMobility, and that the User is thus bound by the Terms, and together with the Price list, they form the entire basis for the agreement between GreenMobility and the User.

3.2 The User’s login to GreenMobility is personal and may only be used by the User himself/herself. In case of unauthorized use of the User’s login, the User is liable for a fee according to the Price list and any consequential costs. The user and driver are both liable for all consequential costs including damage costs regardless of the insurance.

  1. The User may only use the User’s own information when creating and later changing his/her login/profile. Thus, the User is not allowed to use other people’s driver’s license information, credit card information, or contact information.
  2. The User may not let another person use or drive on their account. Violation of this will result in a lapse of the insurance coverage as well as a fee of DKK 2500 with the addition of all costs that result from driving.

3.3 When registering, the User must be at least 18 years old.

  1. Must have a valid driver’s license.
  2. Must use a valid credit card with an available amount sufficient to cover the excess for damages.

3.4 When registering, the User gives GreenMobility permission to verify the personal information provided by the User through the central national register (CPR) and Bisnode. If there are credit notifications or discrepancies between the information provided by the User and the official information, GreenMobility reserves the right to reject the customer’s registration. If such a credit notification or discrepancy arises during the contractual relationship, it is considered a violation of these Terms.

3.5 The User must ensure that all information about the User is up-to-date at any time. The User’s information can be updated through the GreenMobility website, mobile app, or customer service at any time.

3.6 The User always has the right to cancel his/her registration at GreenMobility. When canceling, the User is still liable for any due payment, and likewise, the User can demand to have outstanding amount reimbursed to his/her credit card.

3.7 If the User does not use the GreenMobility cars for 90 consecutive days, GreenMobility reserves the right to deactivate the User, and then he/she has to register again.

3.8 Maximum one user can be created per driver’s license. Repeated attempts to set up more users with the same driver’s license can result in permanent blocking. Special conditions apply to business driving/profiles with an approved commercial and/or business agreement.

3.9 Special requirements may apply for renting certain car types, e.g. age requirement or history

4. The GreenMobility car

4.1 When starting a trip, the User confirms that the GreenMobility car is received in good and legal order having checked the brakes, steering, indicators, and lights before starting to drive. Any complaint about the condition of the GreenMobility car must be advanced to GreenMobility before driving the car.

4.2 In certain cases, the GreenMobility car is provided with a child safety seat. If this is used, the User is responsible for procuring the correct and legal installation of the seat. The equipment may not be removed from the GreenMobility car.

4.3 The User confirms having been notified that all GreenMobility cars are equipped with satellite tracking.

4.4 Stickers or other ornamentation must not be removed from the GreenMobility car. If these or parts of these are removed, the User is charged for GreenMobility’s costs to replace them.

4.5 The GreenMobility car must not be used:

  1. For the transport of passengers or goods for money, neither directly or indirectly.
  2. Outside paved roads.
  3. For any form of motoring events, driving courses, or test driving.
  4. For transporting goods causing obnoxious smells or unusual wear.
  5. For transporting dogs or other pets.
  6. For transporting more passengers than there are seat belts in the GreenMobility car.
  7. For transporting children, unless when using a compulsory child safety seat or booster seat.
  8. For driving outside Denmark’s borders, however with the exception of driving to Sweden.

4.6 It is prohibited to:

  1. Run the power level of the GreenMobility car to such a level that the GreenMobility car cannot reach the nearest public E.ON charging module. At an expected range of 8 kilometers, the GreenMobility car will warn about low battery power offering directions to charging facilities. In this case, the User must stop driving, as the User is liable for any towing costs according to the Pricelist.
  2. Smoke in the GreenMobility car or allow others to smoke in the GreenMobility car.
  3. Deactivate the passenger airbag.
  4. Make repairs or changes to the GreenMobility car without prior approval from GreenMobility.
  5. Transfer the right to drive the car to another person than the registered User. Violation of this will result in loss of insurance coverage and a fee of DKK 5000 plus all costs resulting from the driving.
  6. Leaving the GreenMobility car in another country. If the GreenMobility car is left outside of Denmark, the GreenMobility car will be towed back to Denmark for the User’s expenses.
  7. To let the GreenMobility car reach 0% power in another country. If the GreenMobility car has no power left outside of Denmark, the User will be charged a towing fee.
  8. to drive insanely or other illegally in the GreenMobility cars. The consequences of this appear from the Terms section. 4.8.

4.7 GreenMobility reserves the right to take possession of the car at any time and without claim for the account of the User if the vehicle is used in violation of the Terms. In this case, the User is not entitled to a replacement vehicle or financial compensation, and any transport is for the account of the User.

4.8 If the police or any other public authority determines that the GreenMobility car has been used for illegal or inappropriate purposes during the lease, they have the right to immediately seize the car without the User being entitled to a replacement vehicle or financial compensation. The User is liable for any transport in this connection. If the GreenMobility car is confiscated by the police or other public authority because of insane driving or other illegal driving, a new GreenMobility car is acquired at the User’s expense.

4.9 GreenMobility cannot be held liable for damages for loss or damage because of the User’s use of the GreenMobility car, including damage to third-party goods, unless GreenMobility has acted with particular negligence.

4.10 In no case can GreenMobility be made liable for damages for indirect loss, including loss as a result of the User’s delay, if the GreenMobility car is not available or breaks down while in the possession of the User.

4.11 The GreenMobility car must be charged in approved public charging modules using the charging cable in the luggage compartment of the GreenMobility car. The GreenMobility car may also be charged in the charging modules set-up by GreenMobility and situated in parking garages inside the Zone.

  1. The User can earn free minutes to use on the next trip, by charging the GreenMobility car, if the power level is below a certain level when ending a trip. Look at greenmobility.com for the specific power levels and the free minutes you can earn. The User can earn free minutes on each car once a day.

4.12 If the GreenMobility car is charged using other charging modules than the above and the User pays for the charging himself/herself, the User is liable for the payment and cannot subsequently claim reimbursement from GreenMobility. In these cases, the user is liable for damages on the GreenMobility car resulting from the use of other charging modules.

4.13 If the charging cable or the charging card for the GreenMobility car is misused to charge other things than the GreenMobility car, the User is charged a fee according to the Price list and will be liable for damages as a result of the misuse. GreenMobility also reserves the right to report the User to the police for such misuse.

4.14 Failing to end the Rental period to any agreed time and place at the request of GreenMobility and failing to comply with the above fall within section 293 of the Danish Criminal Code (car theft).

4.15 If GreenMobility requests it, the User must notify GreenMobility about where the User parked the GreenMobility car when ending the Rental period.

4.16 GreenMobility is not responsible for private objects being damaged, lost, or forgotten during or after the lease.

5. The Rental period

5.1 When booking a car in the app, the car can be reserved free of charge by the User for 20 minutes. The first 20 reservation minutes per day per trip is free. After that, the User pays per minute (according to the price list). The User chooses to have the reservation running at one’s own request when booking a car using the reservation option. The reservation time is reset at the start of the trip by the next midnight.

5.2 The Rental period starts when the User unlocks the car with the mobile app. The User’s responsibility for the GreenMobility car commences at the same time.

5.3 Before using the GreenMobility car, the User must inspect the interior cleanliness and smell inside the GreenMobility car. If the GreenMobility car is in a bad cleaning condition or smells bad, the User is required to contact and notify GreenMobility about this before starting the engine.

5.4 Before using the GreenMobility car, the User must also check for damages to the GreenMobility car not already registered. If the GreenMobility car is in such a damaged condition that the User does not want to drive it, the User must contact and notify GreenMobility about this after which any time used for inspection will be credited.

  1. The User must immediately report damages to or errors on the GreenMobility car not already indicated to GreenMobility through the app.
  2. If GreenMobility assesses that damages or errors must be investigated or repaired before the GreenMobility car is used, GreenMobility reserves the right to reject the User’s use of the GreenMobility car.

5.5 During the Rental Period, the User must:

  1. Only drive the GreenMobility car if the User has his/her valid driver’s license on his/her person and is otherwise physically and mentally capable of driving the GreenMobility car.
  2. Obey the current Danish Road Traffic Act in every respect.
  3. Properly ensure the GreenMobility car against theft by always closing the windows and locking the GreenMobility car when leaving it.
  4. Stop using GreenMobility car immediately if the warning lights in the dashboard light up.
  5. Ensure the GreenMobility car has enough power for the User at any time to end the lease of the GreenMobility car inside the Zone and that the GreenMobility car has a sufficient range to reach the nearest public E.ON charging module.
  6. Treat the GreenMobility car correctly and properly, as could be expected from an ordinary average person renting a car (also known as “the reasonable man”).

5.6 To end the rental of the GreenMobility car, the GreenMobility car must be parked inside the Zone in the city where the User began the trip or the associated satellite zones, and the parking must also comply with the provisions in these Terms. The rental can not be ended in Copenhagen if the trip has started in Aarhus and vice versa, as Copenhagen and Aarhus each have their operational Zones. A GreenMobility car must always return to its original zone.

5.7 When ending the lease, the User must ensure that:

  1. The charging cable is placed correctly in the luggage compartment of the GreenMobility car unless it is charging.
  2. The parking brake of the GreenMobility car is set.
  3. The windows in the GreenMobility car are properly closed and that the doors of the GreenMobility car are locked.
  4. The GreenMobility car is left in the same state and cleanliness as when the User took over the GreenMobility car.
  5. All accessories such as child safety seats or bike carriers are present in and on the car.

5.8 The Rental period for the GreenMobility car is not ended until the User has ensured the above and when the User subsequently has ended the lease through the mobile app.

5.9 The User is responsible for ending the lease correctly. If the User has problems ending the lease of the GreenMobility car, is User must immediately notify GreenMobility about it and stay with the GreenMobility car until GreenMobility has stated what will happen next.

6. Parking

6.1 GreenMobility pays for parking on public streets within the Zone and selected parking garages. These parking garages may also be found on the GreenMobility website and in the mobile app.

6.2 The User must always park the GreenMobility car according to the Danish Road Traffic Act and according to other parking rules for the car park in question.

6.3 At the end of the Rental period and when parking during the lease, the GreenMobility car must be parked in public car parks with a minimum of 2 hours parking limits 24 hours a day all days, specially selected and indicated parking garages where the GreenMobility car can be parked legally, and on car parks not reserved for specific vehicle types such as car parks for cars for commercial use, disabled people, taxis, or shared cars. The GreenMobility cars can be parked in car parks for electric cars unless they are time-limited, but they cannot be parked in yards, garages, or other areas where the access to the GreenMobility car is impeded for other users. We refer to the parking overview on the GreenMobility website and in the mobile app.

6.4 GreenMobility reserves the right to, without prior notice, prohibit parking in certain areas even though they are normally included in the Zone. Such a change can take place even when the User has started a Rental period and the area in question in these cases are regarded as being outside the Zone.

6.5 The User is liable for parking charges imposed on the GreenMobility car during the Rental period and the time after the end of the Rental period until a new User rents the GreenMobility car or until the GreenMobility car is moved by GreenMobility. If parking is not carried out according to these provisions and if GreenMobility has had to tow or move the GreenMobility car as a result of the User’s parking, GreenMobility is entitled to have its costs covered by the User.

6.6 If the User receives a parking fine, GreenMobility reserves the right to in some cases automatically draw the money from the Users credit card, which GreenMobility then pays to the issuer of the fine.

7. Insurance

7.1 The GreenMobility car is covered by compulsory liability insurance and hull insurance.

7.2 The User’s excess for damages is limited to no more than DKK 5000. However, the excess is not limited if the User has acted in a negligent way characterized as gross negligence or if the damage is not covered by the insurance as a result of the circumstances of the User. The user must notice that it is considered grossly negligent in case of another user is driving the GreenMobility car in your rental period. Both the driver and user will in this case jointly and severally be liable for all costs in case of damage or other events.

7.3 At the beginning of the Rental period, the User can choose an insurance reducing the excess in case of damages. This option is not possible after the beginning of the Rental period and chosen insurances do not include the right of cancellation.

7.4 The User is responsible for all damages to the GreenMobility car inflicted during the Rental period. This applies notwithstanding these damages being inflicted by a third party, if this party does not make himself/herself known or in some other way cannot be held responsible.

7.5 The User accepts his/her obligation to protect the interests of GreenMobility in case of damage or another insurance event by:

  1. Notifying GreenMobility about any inflicted damage without delay.
  2. Obtaining the names and addresses of all parties involved and any witnesses.
  3. Refraining from admitting liability or assuming guilt.
  4. Abstaining from leaving the vehicle without taking necessary security precautions.
  5. Notifying the police without delay if the guilt of another party has to be determined or in case of a personal injury.
  6. Filling out and handing in a damage report with the correct information immediately upon request from GreenMobility.

Failing to do the above will result in loss of insurance coverage.

7.6 In case of traffic accidents or breakdowns outside the Zone, the User is responsible for all costs in connection with returning the GreenMobility car to the Zone.

7.7 The User admits explicit liability for, at the request of GreenMobility, paying all tickets, fees, debt collection and legal costs in connection with parking or legislative violations imposed on the vehicle or the driver during the Rental period. The User has full responsibility for paying to the authority or company in question if or when they request payment. To avoid the risk of such tickets or fees escalating, GreenMobility can choose to pay the authority or company or notify about the identity of the User. The User is responsible for the cost of the ticket and for an administrative fee to GreenMobility.

8. Settlement

8.1 The price for renting the GreenMobility car is calculated from the duration of the Rental period (pr. started minute) according to the Price list in effect at the beginning of the Rental period. At this time, the User is made distinctly aware of the imposition of a fee according to the Price list for picking up and delivering the GreenMobility car at selected locations, e.g. the Copenhagen Airport. You will find an updated list with additional fees on the GreenMobility site.

8.2 If the User has chosen settlement by the minute (pr. started minute), GreenMobility will charge the amount due for renting the GreenMobility car on the User’s credit card when the User has ended the Rental period of the GreenMobility car. From the next day, the User can see his/her usage in the app and on the website.

8.3 The User can choose to buy a discount package with prepaid minutes. The price of the package is deducted in accordance with the Pricing page or subscription discount at the beginning of the Rental Period. Prepaid minutes are valid from 6 to 12 months from the date of purchase cf. Pricing page. Driven minutes besides the included minutes in the packages will be priced at normal tax. Notice that the 14 days right of cancellation is no longer possible when the user has started to use the minutes in the package.

8.4 The User can choose to purchase an hour or day package. The price of the package is deducted in accordance with the Pricing page or subscription discount at the beginning of the Rental Period, and the package automatically starts on the next trip the User starts in a GreenMobility car. All hour and day packages are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. If the User drives longer than the number of kilometers or the number of hours/days included in the package, cf. the pricing page, the User drives for DKK 2 per minute and DKK 2 per km. Notice that the 14 days right of cancellation is no longer possible when the package is activated on a given trip. GreenMobility reserves the right to delete an unused hour or day package from the User’s GreenMobility account after 3 months.

8.5 The User’s price for renting one and the same GreenMobility car within 24 hours can never exceed the maximum price per day given in the Pricelist. If the User at the end of the day is still driving the GreenMobility car, the remaining minutes will be invoiced at ordinary minute rate, cf. the Pricelist.

8.6 The ”Invite a friend” service can only be used for its original purpose which is to spread the word about GreenMobility in a way that does not interfere with GreenMobility’s own communication and channels. A unique code cannot be made available to the public through e.g. being shared on webpages or any of GreenMobility’s own channels. The User is allowed to share the code through private messaging, group messaging or in a post on their private social media, but it cannot be added as a standing feature on a social media profile or other pages. If the User does not act in compliance with the rules, all earned minutes will be canceled and the User’s account and associated, newly created accounts will be suspended. The minutes earned through this service will expire, without warning, 12 months after the date they were earned.

8.7 The User is made aware that tax liability may arise in accordance with applicable tax rules if the User’s employer has paid for the bonus-giving trip and the earned minutes are used privately. This is to be compared with other special wage supplements that must be reported by the recipient to the tax authorities and this is irrelevant to GreenMobility, as GreenMobility does not acknowledge any liability for the User’s tax obligations. Reserving and renting the GreenMobility car does not include a cancellation right.

8.8 After the end of the Rental period, the User is still committed to having sufficient coverage on his/her credit card to cover other costs in connection with the lease according to these Terms, including paying for damages, tickets, compensation, and other fees. If such claims to the User arise, GreenMobility will contact the customer with information about this before the amount due is charged from the User’s credit card.

8.9 If a withdrawal is rejected by the User’s credit card issuer and it is due to the User’s own circumstances, GreenMobility may charge additional remuneration from the User. If the money could not be withdrawn from the User’s account, GreenMobility reserves the right to end any ongoing trip, without notice or liability.

8.10 GreenMobility reserves the right to transfer claims against the User. Then the User can only pay in full satisfaction of the debt to the recipient of GreenMobility’s claim against the User when the User is informed about the transfer.

9. Personal data

9.1 In connection with the Users registration or sign up to a subscription, the User gives GreenMobility permission to send news and the like to the customer’s email address. The User has the right to, at any time, withdraw the permission by emailing to [email protected]om.

9.2 GreenMobility collects, stores and processes personal information about the User. Details of that information can be found in GreenMobility’s privacy policy at greenmobility.com.

9.3 The User has the right to submit a complaint about GreenMobility’s processing of the User’s information to the Danish Data Protection Agency on tel. +4533193200 or email [email protected].

9.4 Certain companies may be employed by GreenMobility to perform various work in connection with the services provided by GreenMobility. These companies may have access to personal information if it is necessary for performing the work, but they can only use the personal information necessary for performing their work, and they may not use it for other purposes. The identities of the companies in question can be found in our privacy policy at greenmobility.com.

9.5 GreenMobility A/S reserves the right to use and disclose personal information if it is necessary to comply with legislative requirements, to comply with the User’s requests, or to assist in any legal investigations or cases about the security of life and property.

9.6 The User has the option of gaining full access to the personal information given to GreenMobility by the User. If the User at any time wants to change or delete the personal information GreenMobility has registered about the User, or if the User wants to change the access GreenMobility has to contact the User, the User can always contact GreenMobility and notify GreenMobility about it. The User may also have the personal information delivered to himself/herself or to a data controller chosen by the User. The User can contact GreenMobility A/S by email on [email protected] or by letter to Landgreven 3, 4. floor 1301 København K.

10. Right of withdrawal

10.1 The User has a 14 day right of withdrawal, from the date the User made a purchase with or without discounts through a subscription with GreenMobility, subject to cf. 10.3. The user can only cancel a purchase if the User has not taken the purchase into use within 14 days. The right of withdrawal runs from the time of purchase.

10.2 The user must give GreenMobility written notice of the cancellation before the deadline expires. It is sufficient that the message has been sent before the expiry of the deadline.

10.3 There is no right of withdrawal when reservation and/or rental of the GreenMobility car.

11. Complaints

11.1 If the User and GreenMobility cannot find an amicable solution to the given problem, the User can submit a complaint through www.forbrug.dk.

11.2 These Terms and any dispute between GreenMobility and the User will be construed in accordance with Danish case law and the proper forum in Copenhagen.

11.3 If one or more of the provisions in the Terms are declared invalid, the remaining provisions are still valid.

12. Pre-booking of a GreenMobility car

12.1 The price for pre-booking a car is stated in the pricing list.

12.2 A GreenMobility car can be delivered within the zone in Copenhagen or Aarhus.

12.3 You can choose two options for delivery when pre-booking a car. One is delivered to the door, which is defined as the nearest legal parking space near your address, cf. the rules for parking GreenMobility cars. The other way is to pre-book a car with delivery within 500 meters from your address.

12.4 The car is available and reserved for you 20 minutes before the delivery time and 1 hour afterward.

12.5 You must pre-book the car at least 10 hours in advance in Copenhagen and in Aarhus. For instance, if you want the car to be delivered at 7:00, then pre-booking must be made no later than at 21:00 the day before.

12.6 Pre-booking happens via our app under the menu “Book a car”. After confirming your booking, you will get a confirmation by SMS and email.

12.7 Earliest 20 minutes before the time the car is ordered for, the reservation begins in exactly the same way as you know it from normal reservations of our cars. Reservations after the 20 minutes cost DKK 1 per minute.

12.8 If you have not started a trip in the pre-ordered car within 60 minutes after the time the car was ordered, your reservation will be stopped and the car will be released to other users, who can freely reserve it like all other cars.

12.9 You will be charged the pre-booking price regardless of whether you start a trip in the pre-booked car or not.

12.10 Cancellation can be made free of charge up to 10 hours before delivery in Copenhagen and in Aarhus.

12.11 Delivery at the airport is always DKK 129. Delivery of a Renault Kangoo van is possible to addresses within the zone in Copenhagen.

12.12 Driving in a pre-booked car follows all the same rules and conditions as normal driving in a GreenMobility car. This also applies to the consumption of minutes from your account to the minute price you drive to. The car must be parked in all legal places within the zone.

13. Business / Commercial Driving

13.1 This section contains the terms and conditions regarding driving through a business or company agreement with GreenMobility. We call this Business or Business Agreement.

13.2 The employee who drives on a Business Agreement is subject to the same general conditions as for private driving. But with the addition of the following rules.

13.3 The company that enters into the agreement accepts the following rules:

13.4 The settlement takes place either on the company’s credit card or via invoice. The chosen Business Agreement Administrator from the company chooses the wanted solution in the interface.

13.5 Prices are the same for business driving as for private driving but are advertised excluding VAT.

13.6 The company pays for employees’ driving through the company agreement. This applies, among other things, to fines, taxes, damages, fees, and liability responsibility. The company must keep GreenMobility indemnified for incidents caused by the employee.

13.7 The employee’s trips are logged and the history is displayed to the Business Agreement Administrator. The employee accepts this when registering for driving during work hours on the business account. Any privacy consequences in the employer-employee relationship are to GreenMobility irrelevant.

13.8 The employee’s trips shown on the business account are always considered by GreenMobility to be vocational. Any matter between employer and employee is irrelevant to GreenMobility. And vice versa when driving on a personal account. Here, the employee must pay for himself and receive money from his employer as an outlay.

13.9 GreenMobility is not responsible for forgotten items or anything else left in the cars.

14. Subscription “GreenSaver”

14.1 The monthly payment called the “GreenSaver” gives the User access to various discounts and benefits with GreenMobility. GreenMobility offers one or more types of subscriptions. A User can only be registered at one subscription at the time.

14.2 Acceptance and purchase of a subscription is made through the app. The agreement is made when the User confirms the purchase in the app. Other benefits or saved minutes at GreenMobility can not be exchanged for a subscription payment.

14.3 The subscription price is deducted monthly from the User’s associated credit card.

14.4 GreenMobility may at any time change the benefits and discounts associated with the User’s subscription, as well as the scope of these benefits and discounts. Likewise, GreenMobility may change the subscription price at any time with reasonable notice.

14.5 The price overviews, FAQs and GreenMobility’s marketing show which benefits and discounts are linked to the subscription. Be it e.g. the minute price, prepaid minutes, hourly and daily packages, pre-ordering cars and various area fees.

14.6 The benefits and discounts belong to the User alone and cannot be shared with others. In practice, this means that the subscription may not be used from several electronic devices. This is tracked automatically.

14.7 We reserve the right to close or block profiles by breach of our terms and conditions. Just as we reserve the right to cancel a subscription without notice regardless of the reason.

14.8 Attached to the User’s subscription purchase is the statutory right of withdrawal of 14 days. The user can only regret if the subscription has not been used within 14 days. The User uses the subscription by, through the subscription, completing a purchase, using a benefit or driving a trip.

14.9 The termination period runs over one month + one month from the date you subscribed. The User can cancel the subscription with 1 month’s notice until the end of the User’s payment period. A payment period starts on the date the User subscribes to the subscription. This means that the User, regardless of the termination date, will be deducted the subscription price on the next registration date, and the User will remain a subscriber of the benefits 1 month from the last payment date.

14.10 If a payment fails, the subscription automatically continues, but this happens without the included benefits and discounts. If the failed payment is due to the User’s own circumstances, an additional fee may be charged.


Sign up: DKK 0
Temporary energy fee: DKK 1 per driven km from 7th of October 2022
Minute price, Renault Zoe: DKK 5,00
Minute price, Polestar: DKK 5,00 + from DKK 149 pr. trip
Minute price, Kangoo/Maxus: DKK 6,00/DKK 7,00
Subscription: DKK 49/mth. or DKK 299/mth.
Reservation price after the first 20 minutes of free reservation: DKK 1/min.
Price for day rental without package: DKK 795
Fee added for hour and day packages used when driving vans: DKK 99
Start/stop at Copenhagen Airport: DKK 49
Start/stop at Aarhus Airport: DKK 200
Start/stop at Billund Airport: DKK 350
The Oresund Bridge: DKK 200 each way
Storebæltsbroen: DKK 200 each way

In general
Invoice: DKK 100
Reminder fee: DKK 100
Pre-book Car: DKK 79 / DKK 129 / DKK 129 to the Airport
Administration fee: DKK 250
Excess DKK: 5000
Reduced excess to DKK 500: DKK 20
Fee for breach of terms in case of financial consequences: On bill

Take care of the pieces – for your own sake and for the next user!
Loss of keys: DKK 5000
Loss of charging/parking card: DKK 2500
Charging cable (broken or lost): DKK 2500

Take care of the car – and the next user will love you
Light cleaning due to e.g. garbage/paper in the car: DKK 1000
Havier cleaning due to e.g. smoking/animals in the car: DKK 2500
Drying of the car due to open window: DKK 795
Misuse of charging/parking card: DKK 5000 + consumption
Necessary extra cleaning of the car: DKK 2500
Removal of stickers, foil, etc. up to DKK 4000
Damaged rim: DKK 1000
Puncture: DKK 1500

Drive nicely – for your own sake and for the ones you love!
Driving without a valid driver’s license: DKK 2500
Letting another person drive on your account: DKK 2500
Parking fines: Fine + administration fee
Fines and offense: Fine + administration fee
Relocation of a car parked inappropriately inside the zone, e.g. in front of a private driveway, bus lane, construction site: DKK 300
Relocation of a car by GreenMobility outside the zone: DKK 1500
Towing of the car inside or outside the zone by a towing company (due to the customer’s violation of the rental terms): DKK 2500
Service by car (only in case of customer’s own fault): On bill + towing