Carsharing with GreenMobility

Share an electric car in Copenhagen and Aarhus

Prices per minute

GreenMobility has cheap cars to share. You can drive from just DKK 1.50/minute or drive for hours and days with our packages. The standard price for driving in our electric cars and vans starts from DKK  5.50/minute. Read more about our prices.


With our monthly subscription, GreenSaver, you save even more when you drive with us. Our subscription gives you a wide range of benefits, especially if you want to rent a car often.

Read all about our subscription

Discount packages

At GreenMobility we have many different packages to suit your needs. For example, if you need to rent a car for an extended weekend or a whole week, you can purchase daily packages. Read more about the benefits of renting a car for several days here.

Always a car near you

When you share an electric car with other GreenMobility users instead of owning a car yourself, you help reduce the number of private cars in the city. International studies show that one car-sharing vehicle can replace at least four private cars in the city. By making car sharing available to everyone, we reduce private car ownership in the city and thus reduce congestion, making the city more liveable for everyone.

By driving an electric car instead of a petrol car, you are also helping to create cleaner and quieter cities and reduce CO2 emissions in the city.

You drive "all-inclusive"

The great thing about car rental with GreenMobility is that you decide how far you want to go and when you want to go. Once you’ve signed up with your driving licence in the app, you can see all the available cars near you.

You don’t have to worry about the cost of insurance, electricity, maintenance or expensive parking. When you rent a car in Copenhagen and Aarhus with GreenMobility, you drive “all-inclusive”. And you can even drive around with a clear conscience because all our cars are 100% electric. The only thing you need to focus on is enjoying the ride.

Two big cities in Denmark

Carsharing Copenhagen

With GreenMobility, you have access to over a thousand carsharing vehicles in Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen. Our Copenhagen zone covers a large area where you can always find an available electric car or van near you. Book your electric car and drive into the city, out into nature or on holiday.

In the app, you can tap Copenhagen on the map and see the available electric cars.

Carsharing Aarhus

In Aarhus, you’ll find plenty of GreenMobility cars and vans for hire. This makes it incredibly easy to both find a car to drive and park it in the City of Smiles. This way, you can easily explore large parts of Aarhus, the surrounding area and Denmark without owning a car.

In the app, you can tap Aarhus on the map and see the available electric cars.

Free parking

Save time finding a free parking space in big cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus. We’ve made it super easy for you to park by offering free parking in all public car parks with a minimum of 2 hours, 24/7 within the zone. You can also park at our Hotspots, which are parking spaces reserved for our car sharing vehicles. Read more about parking here.

Download the app and drive.

Do you need a car today? Then download our app and sign up now! Creating an account is quick and easy if you have your driver’s licence on you. Once you are set up and approved, you can see the nearest available car and reserve it instantly. Have a great trip!


See the difference between our cars and our vans

In the app you can easily distinguish between the cars. Our regular electric cars have a green icon and the vans have a grey icon. You can rent both types of electric cars by the minute, hour or day.

Contact us

You are always welcome to contact us by phone: +45 70 77 88 88 or email: [email protected] if you have any questions about our services, praise or ideas for improvement. Our customer service is open 24 hours a day.

You may also find answers to many of your questions in our FAQ.