Parking is easy with GreenMobility

With GreenMobility, parking in Copenhagen and Aarhus is made easy.

Parking is easy with GreenMobility. You can park for free on all public parking spaces within our zone with at least 2 hours parking limit 24/7. You also have VIP parking around the zone. We call these spaces Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots by looking for the blue HS icon in the app.

With GreenMobility, you can take an available car directly from the street and drive wherever you want to go – you just have to end your trip within the same original zone as where you started the trip. We pay for your parking inside the zone. Outside the zone, you pay for parking yourself. See our parking rules below.

Overview of parking rules

  • Inside the zone, you can park on all public parking spaces with at least 2 hours parking limit all day every day
  • You park for free at all GreenMobility’s Hotspots that is VIP-parking for you
  • You are welcome to park at public charging stations, but always remember to charge the car when parking here
  • You can not park at carsharing spots, handicap- and taxi parking.
  • You can not park at private parking locations (incl. Q-Park & Europark).
  • You can not park at private charging stations

Remember that you can’t end your trip on parking spots with less than 2 hours parking limit at any time of the day. If you are parking outside of the zone, be aware that you have to pay for the parking yourself. You must always follow parking and traffic regulations when you drive.


We help you avoid parking fines

In our app, we have marked some of the areas where we do not have permission to park our cars. These are our NO parking zones, which are marked with red boxes on the map in the app. If you are about to end your trip here, the app will notify you that the trip cannot be ended here. Therefore, we encourage you to always look at the map to see if you are in a red zone when you are about to park. NOTE: Remember that the NO parking zones do not show all the places you are not allowed to park, but only some selected places with a bigger risk of fines.

Always room for a Green

We’ve got a lot of Hotspots.

The easiest parking in town

Hotspots are parking spaces reserved for GreenMobility. You can always park your car on our Hotspots – and often find an available car. You can see all the Hotspots in the app, where you can click and read the information on the individual parking options.

VIP parking at the airport

You can efficiently get to and from Copenhagen Airport via our VIP parking space for our cars. You can find parking in P7 right next to trains and metro. We’ve also reserved a lot of VIP parking across the zone – we call the Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots in the app. 

Everything is included in the price

Charging, parking and insurance are included. We have all-inclusive prices that suit your needs. Whether you need a car for 2 minutes or 2 days. You can also simply park the car at your destination when you arrive. To and from Copenhagen Airport is also easy for only DKK 49 extra.

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