Your guide for charging the cars

GreenMobility pays for your power

All GreenMobility cars are 100% electric and run relatively far on a charged battery. You can easily charge our electric cars at E.ON (type 2), Spirii, and Clever (only Clever in some Aarhus cars).

In the GreenMobility app, you can always see how much battery an electric car has left. When charging a GreenMobility car with less than 60% power left, you earn free minutes.

Please note:

Our charging cards only work on E-ON and Spirii chargers up to 43 KW.

If you want to charge the car on a charger with 50 KW or more, you have to pay yourself.

How to charge the car


1) Open the front logo cover on the car by pushing the switch with the charger icon on the left of the steering wheel.
2) Take the chip in the middle console and hold it close to the charger to open the port.
3) Find the cable in the trunk and plug it into the socket on the car and into the charger.
4) Place the chip back into the holder.

Unplugging from a charger


1) Unlock the car
2) Press the switch with the charger icon on the left of the stearing wheel.
3) Unplug the cable from the car.
4) Take the other end of the cable our of the charger’s socket.
5) Place the cable back into the trunk.

Should the cable be stuck use the charging card/chip from the glove compartment on the charger. 

hundredvis af elbiler i byen

Ending your trip.

Park easily and end your trip.

Free parking is always nearby

You can park on all public parking spaces within our zones with at least 2 hours parking limit. We have also reserved a lot of VIP-parking spaces around the zone. We call these Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots in the app. Here you’ll always find easy and free parking.

Charge around Denmark

With GreenMobility, you have free electricity in Denmark. If you drive to Sweden, remember that you pay for the power yourself.

Earn minutes when charging

Charge the car and earn minutes. Below 60% power left = 10 free minutes. Below 40% = 15 minutes. Below 20% = 20 minutes.

Remember the good charging style

When parking at a charging station, always charge the car. In that way, you do not hold the charging station from other electric car users.

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