Electrical vans you can rent

Great news if you need extra space. (Available in Copenhagen)

We have got great news for you if you need extra space in the car. Renault Kangoo is our electrical vans you can rent. Whether you’re heading to IKEA, Silvan or Bauhaus, buying groceries, moving you cousins stereo-set, setting up a street kitchen, or simply moving some stuff, Kangoo might be right for you!



4,6 m3 space
The van can contain 4,6 m3. The dimensions are: Height: 1,25 m, Width: 1,10 m, Depth: 1,47 m
100% electric
This means no CO2 emissions or other particles. So transport your big stuff with a clean conscience. Their range is 200 km.
From 2 kr. per minute
Its no more expensive to rent vans. Drive for as little as 2,- kr. per minute, or keep it for 24 hours for only 595 kr.
Get it delivered
Find the vans in the app and reserve them as usual. But you can also pre-book and get the car delivered. We call it "drive yourself taxi".

Note: The price from 2 kr. per minute can be achieved by buying one of our minute packages.

It is not more expensive to drive our vans. With GreenMobility you get the cheapest rates on the market. You can drive for as little as 2,- kr. per minute. You can ofcourse also rent the car for 24 hours for 595,- kr. When you need a car you can simply reserve one nearby. The price is the same. You can find our packages by logging in > klik on the burger (three stripes icon) > My profile > scroll to the right in the menu > click packages. 

Signup with us.

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Signing up is free

Create a user in the app and add your credit card, your license and a selfie.  Only the user can drive the car. Add the payment method your prefer.

Find en elbil på kortet i appen

How do you use an electric van

In the app, the cars work the same way you are used to. You book, drive and end your trip as you normally do. However, there is one thing that is different. To start the car, you have to use the key🔑 located in the glove compartment. When you are done moving the big stuff, put the key back again and end your trip as you normally do. You cannot finish the trip until the key is back at the right place again.

The vans space is 4.6 m3.

The space measures:
Height: 1.25 m
Width: 1.10 m
Length/Depth: 1.47 m

Charging is done through the front as you know it. Do not press any buttons. You can open the charging cover by putting a finger under the side of the Renault mark and open it. If the car is charging when you want to pick it up, unplug the charger within 30 seconds after unlocking the car. Start by unplugging the charging cable before you start filling it with all your stuff.

You can recognize the vans in the app by the van icon. The vans are only available in Copenhagen so far.

Practical information

Renault Kangoo is a 4.6 m3 van. This means that you get extra space. It is electric like our other cars, which means it does not emit CO2 or other harmful particles. So now you can drive with a big load with good conscience💚

The new vans have a range of approx. 200 km. Although you drive with a lot of stuff, you can go far on a full tank.

Driving the vans is not more expensive. With GreenMobility you drive at the lowest prices in the market if you buy our packages. You can drive for as low as 2 DKK per minute. You can, of course, in line with our other cars also rent it for a day for 595. If you need a car, you just take a van if it is closest by. The price is the same. You can find the packages by logging in-> Click on the three lines in the upper left corner -> My profile-> Scroll right in the menu-> Click Packages.

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