Park at Billund Airport with GreenMobility

With GreenMobility, you've got VIP parking in the airport

Take a GreenMobility car from Aarhus and leave it at Billund Airport when going on holiday. You can park in our VIP spots in the parking lot, which are reserved for you.

When going to the airport, you can also have a car delivered to you from only DKK 79. Remember that you save up to 50% on delivery with GreenSaver.

Hotspot at Billund Airport

We have established a GreenMobility Hotspot with three reserved parking spaces in front of the parking lot. The spaces are marked with GreenMobility signs. Remember to charge the car when parking. If all spaces are occupied, you are welcome to park at an available non-reserved parking space nearby. It costs DKK 350 to start or end a trip at the Hotspot. The Hotspot is located at the first parking area by the main entrance.

Cheaper than taxa and own car

Take a cheaper trip to the airport with GreenMobility. If being two adults and two children, you can drive from Aarhus to Billund Airport from around DKK 498 (DKK 350 for ending your trip in Billund Airport and DKK 2.25/minute with prepaid minutes on your GreenMobility account). Read more about prepaid minutes on our price page and find a minute package to get the lowest minute price.

A taxi ride from Aarhus to the airport, calculated based on the cheapest rate and time of day, can cost up to DKK 1,450. And if you driving your own car and temporarily parking for three days at the airport, you can get away with approx. DKK 548, calculated on the basis of the standard costs of having a car. With the bus, two adults and two children can travel for approx. DKK 486.

Get a car delivered.

Be your own taxi driver to the airport.


From only DKK 79.

If you are going to the airport, you can have a car delivered to your home address. The car will be ready for you approx. 20 minutes before your chosen delivery time, so you have plenty of time to pack the car and take off.