New: Park at our new Hotspot in Billund Airport

Our new Hotspot in Billund Airport has just opened. This means that you can easily drive from Aarhus to the airport in a GreenMobility car and park at our VIP parking spaces reserved for you.

Easy parking at our Hotspot

At the Hotspot in Billund Airport, there are three reserved parking spaces with charging stations for GreenMobility’s cars, which are marked with GreenMobility signs. When you arrive, you can park in one of the three spaces. Remember to set the car to charge so it is ready for the next user. If all the spaces are occupied, you can park in a non-reserved parking space nearby.

At the Hotspot, it costs DKK 350 to start or end a trip and is a cheaper option than a taxi or parking your own private car at the airport.

Cheaper than taxi and own car

Drive an electric car and save money on the trip to the airport. Are you for instance 2 adults and 2 children, you only pay from DKK 498 for a trip from Aarhus to Billund Airport. (DKK 350 for airport fee and DKK 2 per minute driven with our prepaid minutes. You can find a minute package with prepaid minutes that suits your need here).

A taxi ride from Aarhus to the airport, based on the cheapest rate and time of day, can cost up to DKK 1,450. And in your own car with temporary parking for 3 days at the airport, you can get away with around DKK 548, based on the standard costs of having a car. With the bus, 2 adults and 2 children can get to the airport for around DKK 486

Get a car delivered to your home

If you are going to the airport, you can have a car delivered to your home address. The car is ready for you approx. 20 minutes before your desired delivery time, so you have plenty of time to pack the car and get going. Put on the holiday mood, a good playlist and get going.

If you need to be at the airport at 10 AM on a Saturday, simply prebook the car at least 12 hours in advance. You choose the delivery time and address during the order and let us know how far you need to drive, so we can ensure a car with a power level that fits your trip.

You can prebook a car in the app menu called “Delivery of car”. Read more about car delivery here.

Fewer double trips and less CO2

Every year, many friends or family members drive each other to the airport. This is equal to many wasted kilometers, which can be reduced if you instead take a car from Aarhus and drive to the airport yourself. With fewer private cars on the roads, we can save CO2 and reduce congestion and noise on the roads.