Lowest prices on the market

Drive cheaper with GreenMobility. Buy prepaid minutes or drive on hour-/daypackages.

Prices and packages

At GreenMobility, you can either pay as you go or buy a package with hours or days. Want to go on extended weekend or vacation in Denmark? We have the sharpest prices on the market for every need.

Get a car delivered to your door

Do you already know that you will need a car during the week? Get it delivered to your front door within the zone.

Delivery as close to the address as possible: DKK 129

Delivery within 500 meters from the desired address: DKK 79

You save up to 50% on car delivery with GreenSaver.

Easiest parking at the airport

Park easily at our reserved VIP parking spaces at both Copenhagen, Billund and Aarhus’ Airport. To start or end a trip at the airport, an airport fee is imposed.

Copenhagen Airport: DKK 79
Aarhus Airport: DKK 200
Billund Airport: DKK 350

Fees & Fines

  • Sign up: DKK 0
  • Minute price, Renault Zoe: DKK 5,50
  • Minute price, Polestar: DKK 7,00
  • Minute price, Kangoo: DKK 6,00
  • Minute price, Maxus/eVito: DKK 7,00
  • Subscription: DKK 49/mth. or DKK 299/mth.
  • Reservation price after the first 20 minutes of free reservation: DKK 1/min.
  • Price for day rental without package: DKK 1200
  • Fee added for hour and day packages used when driving vans: DKK 99
  • Start/stop at Copenhagen Airport: DKK 79
  • Start/stop at Aarhus Airport: DKK 200
  • Start/stop at Billund Airport: DKK 350
  • The Oresund Bridge: DKK 200 each way
  • Storebæltsbroen: DKK 200 each way

In general

  • Reminder fee: DKK 100
  • Prebook Car: DKK 79 / DKK 129 / DKK 129 to the Airport
  • Administration fee: Up to DKK 150
  • Administration fee for damages: From DKK 250 to DKK 5000
  • Excess: DKK 5000
  • Reduced deductible on insurance to DKK 500: From DKK 29
  • Breach of terms: From DKK 2500
  • Fee for breach of terms in case of financial consequences: On bill

Take care of the pieces – for your own sake and for the next user!

  • Loss of keys: DKK 5000
  • Loss of charging/parking card: DKK 2500
  • Charging cable (broken or lost): DKK 2500

Take care of the car – and the next user will love you

  • Car service due to extra checkup of the car: DKK 300
  • Light cleaning, e.g. due to garbage/paper in the car: DKK 1000
  • Havier cleaning, e.g. due to smoking/animals in the car: DKK 2500
  • Necessary extra cleaning of the car: DKK 2500
  • Drying of the car due to window left open: DKK 795
  • Misuse of charging/parking card: DKK 5000 + consumption
  • Removal of stickers, foil, etc. up to DKK 4000
  • Damaged rim: DKK 1000
  • Damaged rim Polestar: DKK 4000
  • Puncture: DKK 1500
  • Puncture Polestar: DKK 2500
  • In case of damage and repair, lost revenue per day: DKK 795

Drive nicely – for your own sake and for the ones you love!

  • Driving without a valid driver’s license: DKK 2500
  • Letting another person drive on your account: DKK 2500
  • Parking fines: Fine + administration fee
  • Fines and offense: Fine + administration fee
  • Relocation of a car parked inappropriately inside the zone, e.g. in front of a private driveway, bus lane, construction site: DKK 300
  • Relocation of a car by GreenMobility outside the zone: DKK 1500
  • Towing of the car inside or outside the zone by a towing company (due to the customer’s violation of the rental terms): DKK 2500
  • Service by car (only in case of customer’s own fault): On bill + towing
Fixed low price

The cheapest on the market. As low as DKK 2.25 /min with our packages.

Incl. insurance, charging and parking

You can focus on enjoying the trip. We’ll handle all the hazzle of owning a car.

Greener cities

Climate friendly electrical cars we all share. Low noise and pollution.


We offer the option of helping you give a giftcard to someone you want to spoil.