Polestar: Exclusive experience

It is now possible to book directly in the app

Polestar is GreenMobility’s exclusive fleet member that gives you a luxurious driving experience. Our Polestars are 100% electric and range up to 440 km  – ideal for longer trips with extra comfort.

Book a Polestar directly from the street in Copenhagen. Choose a minute, hour, or day package for your trip in the app menu “Packages” or drive for DKK 5 pr. minute. Our prices always include electricity, insurance, and parking within the zone.

Exclusive benefits with Polestar

With our Polestars, you get a completely unique driving experience. The cars are 100% electric, have an automatic transmission, a panoramic roof that lets the sun in but keeps the noise out, and easy navigation to make your next trip in a Polestar very special.

✓ Exclusive comfort on your trip
✓ Drive up to 440 km on a full battery
✓ Panoramic roof with a view
✓ Intelligent route planning

How to book a Polestar

1. Get the app

Download the GreenMobility app for free and create a profile.

2. Book a Polestar

Polestar has a dark green icon in the app. A start fee from DKK 149 is added per trip.

3. Enjoy the ride

Drive per minute or buy a package and enjoy the extra comfort on the trip.

Requirements for driving Polestar

To rent a Polestar, there are some requirements you must meet:

✓ Age limit: min. 25 years old (Min. 23 years old for GreenSavers)
✓ Minimum 10 trips with GreenMobility
✓ No unsolved payments or previous breach of the terms (such as smoking in the car, damages or rubbish in the car).

All inclusive prices

Polestar start fee: from DKK 149 per trip

It doesn’t have to be expensive to get extra comfort on your trip. Get going for only for DKK 5/minute just like in our Renault Zoes or buy a minute, hour, or day package for your trip. All our packages can be used for driving in a Polestar. Be aware that extra fees apply. Electricity, VIP parking, insurance, and maintenance are included.

Save up to 50% with GreenSaver

It does not need to be expensive to get extra comfort on your trip in a Polestar. With GreenSaver, you save up to 50% on the minute price and get a discount on all minute, hour and day packages, on car delivery, on reduced excess, and much more. Save on every trip in a Polestar. 

How to charge a Polestar

We pay for your electricity in Denmark. If you need to charge Polestar during your trip, you can charge for free on E.ON and Spiiri’s charging stations. When starting to charge, the car must be unlocked. In the glove compartment, you will find the charging chip, which you use to open the charging socket on the charging station. In the luggage compartment, you will find the charging cable, which must be connected to the car and to the charging socket in the charging station. After you have connected the car for charging, you can lock the car by either using the stopover function or ending your trip.

If you need to disconnect a Polestar from a charging station, you can press the button to the left of the charging socket in the charging port. Then the cable is released.