Rent a Polestar 2: Great alternative to leasing

Get extra luxury and more flexibility when renting a Polestar

Polestar 2, GreenMobility’s premium car, offers you a luxurious and sublime driving experience with no hassle as with leasing. Our Polestars are 100% electric and can drive up to 546 km (WLTP) on one charge – perfect for longer trips.

Rent a Polestar 2 directly from the streets of Copenhagen. It’s a great alternative to leasing a Polestar. Drive for 7 DKK/minute or rent for up to 14 days. Choose an hour or day package for your trip in the app and get all-inclusive prices.

How to rent a Polestar

1. Get the app

Download the GreenMobility app for free and create a profile. Polestar is available in Copenhagen and has a dark green icon in the app.

2. Book a Polestar

Rent a Polestar 2 with a swipe in the GreenMobility app. Be aware of the applicable rental requirements

3. Enjoy the ride

Go per minute, hour, or day and enjoy the extra luxury. Be aware of additional fees when using packages.

Premium benefits with Polestar

With our Polestars, you get a unique driving experience. Enjoy a 100% electric ride with an automatic transmission and easy navigation that makes your next trip in a Polestar special.

✓ Exclusive comfort on your trip
✓ Drive up to 546 km (WLTP) on a full battery
✓ Intelligent route planning
✓ No paperwork or starting fee like when leasing

Requirements for driving Polestar

To rent a Polestar, there are some requirements you must meet:

✓ Age limit: min. 25 years old (Min. 23 years old for GreenSavers)
✓ At least 1 trip with GreenMobility
✓ No unsolved payments or previous breach of the terms (such as smoking in the car, damages or rubbish in the car).

All-inclusive prices

It doesn't have to be expensive to go on a premium trip.

Rent a Polestar 2 with GreenMobility and avoid high costs and dull contracts like when leasing. You only pay for the time you use the car. Pay as you go for 7 DKK/minute or buy an hour or day package for your trip. All our packages can be used for driving a Polestar for an extra fee, except prepaid minutes. Electricity, VIP parking, insurance, and maintenance are always included. Renting a Polestar is a great alternative to leasing, giving you more flexibility and freedom.

Luxury car rental - alternative to leasing

Consider leasing a Polestar? At GreenMobility we offer easy rental of a Polestar 2 as a great alternative to leasing without all the hassle.

✓ Rent per minute or up to 14 days
✓ Cheaper and more flexible than leasing a Polestar

✓ No paperwork or starting fee
✓ No additional costs for insurance
✓ Pay as you go
✓ Pick up and drop off where you are

Luxury features for your luxury trip

Experience an extraordinary driving experience with the Polestar 2:

✓ Ergonomic seats with adjustable support.
✓ Range assistant app to keep track of speed and range.
✓ Activate ECO-climate to save power on the go.
✓ Get important traffic information directly in the display.
✓ Navigate and stream music with the Google infotainment system.
✓ Enjoy the seat heating in the front seats on cold days.
✓ Keep your smartphone charged on the wireless charger.

How to charge a Polestar

We cover your electricity costs in Denmark. Charge Polestar for free at E.ON and Spiiri’s stations. First, unlock the Polestar. Find the chip in the glove compartment and use it to open the charging socket on the charging station. Connect the cable from the luggage compartment to the car and station. When the Polestar is connected for charging, you can lock the Polestar by using the stopover function or ending your trip.

Want to disconnect a Polestar from a charging station? Press the button to the left of the charging socket in the charging port. Then the cable is released.