Park in Copenhagen Airport with GreenMobility

You have VIP-parking in P7

It is easy to get from Copenhagen Airport to the city center and vice versa in a GreenMobility car. You can easily park at our VIP-parking in P7 close to the terminals with spaces reserved for you and your GreenMobility car. Read more about car sharing and parking in Copenhagen Airport here.

Get a car delivered to you at the airport when landing to be sure of an available car that can bring you to the city center or home. Delivery to the airport costs only DKK 129 (Save up to 50% with GreenSaver).

Get a car delivered

Book an available car in the app when going to the airport, or have it delivered to your home address to get going in time.

VIP-parking in P7

You have VIP parking in P7 at Copenhagen Airport. Start and stop at the airport costs DKK 79. (GreenSavers get up to 50%)

Easily home again

Have a car delivered to you at the airport to be sure of an available car when you land. Be your own taxi driver and get to the city center easily.

How to find the Hotspot in P7

You will find the Hotspot in the parking garage P7 close to Terminal 3. The parking spaces are on level 0 right by the driveway from Spidsvej and are marked with “Reserved for GreenMobility” signs. If all spaces are occupied, you are welcome to park in an available space in the parking garage as close to the Hotspot as possible.

Drive to the barrier that opens automatically. If you need help, you can call the guard via the button. The video shows how to find P7 from Ellehammersvej.

How to find P7 from the terminals

From the arrival hall in Terminal 3, you can easily find your way to the electric cars in P7 when you land at the airport. Just follow the signs to P7/Carsharing. In P7 on level 0, go through the parking garage to find the Hotspot. The electric cars are parked by the GreenMobility signs.

The Hotspot in P7 is also where the car is being delivered if you prebook a car to the airport. Delivery to the airport costs DKK 129. Read more about delivery here.

Get a car delivered to you

Be your own taxi driver – cheaper and more climate friendly.


Try it now.

Be sure of an available car – have it delivered to you. Choose delivery to your home address when you need to get to the airport, or to Copenhagen Airport. You can easily prebook an electric car in the app menu “Book a car”.

Save up to 50% with GreenSaver

With our subscription GreenSaver, you save up to 50% on the airport fee for starting or ending a trip at Copenhagen Airport. You’ll also save up to 50% on delivery to Copenhagen Airport. With GreenSaver, you also get discounts on the minute price, hour and day packages, prepaid minutes and much more.