Rent an electric car for one or more days

Rent per minute, hour or day

Rent an electric car for one or more days and make a positive change for the environment. Choose one of our many hour and day packages from 3 hours and up to 14 days, depending on your needs. Activate the package before starting your trip in the app and enjoy the freedom of renting a car. Below, you’ll learn about charging and parking during your trip.

How it works

1. Register in the app
Download the app and create a profile. Add a picture of your driver's license, a selfie and credit card. Wait for approval.
2. Buy a package
Buy the package in the app that suits your needs. You have to manually activate the package in the app before you drive in one of our cars.
3. Make a "stopover"
When you need to park during your trip, you can make a "stopover" in the app. The package is still running and you can drive further when it fits your plans.
4. Park within the zone
End your trip again within the zone. If you rent the car for several hours or days, the car must be charged along the way. Read more about charging below.

Choose your package

Choose a package for your trip and rent an electric GreenMobility car for one or more days. We have hour and day packages for every need. When you buy a package, you have to manually activate the package in the app before you start your next trip in one of our cars.

If you already have prepaid minutes in your account and buy a package, your prepaid minutes will be saved for later.

Charge during the trip

If you are planning a weekend trip or a longer holiday, you can charge the car throughout Denmark for free. Be aware that electric cars use more power on highway driving. Therefore, subtract approx. 40% of the car’s range from if the majority of your trip takes place on the highway.

When you rent an electric car for one or more days and plan to go for a long trip, remember to check how much power the car has left. You can charge the car at E.ON’s Type 2 charging stations around the country.

Parking made easy!

Within the zone, you have free parking in all public parking spots with at least two hours of parking 24/7 or at our VIP parking spaces. If you park outside the zone during your trip, you must be aware that you pay for parking yourself. You are responsible for parking legally and following the official parking rules that apply in Denmark.

Get a car delivered

You can prebook an electric car and have it delivered to you, so you are sure that there is a car available exactly when you need it. You can prebook both our electric cars and vans in Copenhagen. In Aarhus, you can prebook our regular electric cars. You can easily combine prebooking with our packages.

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