Benefit program for shareholders

Because great business is green business.

As a shareholder of GreenMobility, you invest in a greener future with cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable cities. We offer a special benefit program for shareholders where you have the opportunity to get free minutes to drive in our cars.

To be part of GreenMobility’s shareholder benefit program, you must have 100 GreenMobility shares, which are named. As a shareholder with 100 shares in GreenMobility, you get 100 free minutes every January and July – based on the fact that you still have 100 shares.

You can find GreenMobility by searching for “GREENM” on Nasdaq’s website, or you can read much more about GreenMobility and our investor news on our investor site.

We look forward to welcoming you as a shareholder.

100 green shares
200 minutes a year
6 cities

How to register in the program

Do you have a holding of at least 100 GreenMobility shares and would you like to join our benefit program?

Send an email to with information such as name and depot number/VP reference to be registered in our benefit program. Once we receive the information and you are simultaneously registered as a user in our app, we process your data. This can take around a week.

The next 100 free minutes are released in mid-January 2021 and then every six months in July and January. The 100 minutes expire after half a year.

We assign the minutes on a half-yearly basis based on the fact that you still have 100 shares.


Kilo of saved CO2







As a shareholder, you invest in a greener future

With our fleet of electric cars, our goal is to minimize pollution and noise in cities and reduce the number of private cars on the streets. Our electric vehicles run on electricity from renewable energy sources and emit no harmful substances. They are made of 90% recyclable material, including two types of recycled plastic.

We recognize the importance of being transparent with what we do, and we, therefore, commit to reporting on our sustainability initiatives annually and remain active in implementing changes and processes where necessary.

3 Global Goals

From 21 January 2020, we became a member of the UN Global Compact, paying particular attention to the global goals: Sustainable cities and communities, Responsible consumption and production, and Climate action.

  • Sustainable cities and communities – We provide sustainable transport that is accessible to all
  • Responsible consumption and production – Our electric cars are made of 90% recyclable materials and we offer private and business CO2-neutral transport
  • Climate change – Our cars run on electricity from renewable energy sources and do not emit harmful substances

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With a GreenMobility account, you are ready to drive for your 100 free minutes. Add your driver’s license and a photo of yourself in the app.

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