GreenMobility's Concept

GreenMobility aspires to be the leading provider of green shared mobilty solutions to customers and cities alike. We offer users a highly available, affordable and simple solution, while providing significant benefits to the city in the form of reduced private car ownership and reduced air pollution, along with more flexible mobility options for everyone.

Driven by the megatrends urbanisation, sustainability and the sharing economy, we target and service private customers as well as local businesses (B2B). With a high-quality, hassle-free experience every time our users open the app and drive, we provide strong incentives to use our on-demand mobility platform on a regular basis for convenience, flexibility and to support a sustainable development of our cities and environment.

Highly available, affordable, and simple solution

Constant availability

GreenMobility believes that a key driver of gaining users and converting registered users to active users is to ensure sufficient availability of the cars on a consistent basis while balancing the capacity utilisation of the cars. By leveraging our extensive database and fleet management systems, we are constantly aware of the location of the cars and, accordingly, seek to increase and decrease availability in areas with greater and lesser demand by relocating the cars around the city. Meanwhile, as the GreenMobility network expands through the launch of additional cities, the geographical presence of our service increases.


For users to include the GreenMobility cars in their mobility options, we consider it to be of the utmost importance to provide an affordable and flexible service, making it particularly attractive compared to privately-owned cars and taxis. The GreenMobility App provides a broad range of pricing options for the user to pick and choose the ideal pricing package to fulfill the user’s needs and demands. Covering both daily users and those just in need of a car for a Sunday trip. For all users, the price is transparently paid by the minute and free from any unanticipated expenses, as it includes insurance, parking and power costs, thus making it easy for the user to estimate the total cost.


The GreenMobility app is designed with a simplistic and effective interface, providing the user with a smooth and informative overview of the nearest available car. We aspire to offer the highest convenience with minimal friction and have made the process from opening the app to unlocking the car as efficient as possible. By two taps and a swipe, the user is able to start the drive without the paperwork involved in ordinary car rental services. Additionally, when having completed the registration process, the user can use the same app across all GreenMobility’s active markets, without having to re-register.

Green Profile

Consumers tend to be highly aware of the climate change and the environmental impact of their consumption choices. It is our impression that this growing group of users choose GreenMobility cars over privately-owned cars and other car sharing alternatives – typically combustion engine vehicles – precisely because of our emissions-free vehicles and our active stance towards sustainable development and creating more liveable cities.

We aspire to be the best concept for green urban mobility in the world!

Since launching in October 2016, we have demonstrated our ability to increase both our user base and user activity. We have proved to be well-positioned in addressing the challenges of mobility in modern urban areas through an agile and diverse free-floating car sharing solution. We adapt to changing user preferences and local city conditions. Through interaction with our users and by analysing the extensive sets of data created by customer utilisation of the service, we continue to optimise our existing services, introduce new services and build integrations with other services. Most recently, we introduced e-vans for customers moving bulky items and formed a cooperation with a delivery service company.