Our Approach

Here at GreenMobility, we take a holistic view at sustainability.
We take pride in being part of transitioning the
transportation sector through a shared mobility option
for urban areas with a fleet of free-floating electric vehicles
to secure more sustainable, greener, and cleaner cities.


Read our comprehensive ESG and Sustainability Report 2022 here

“We fight for cleaner cities, democratization of transportation and more electric vehicles on the streets”

Why GreenMobility is a sustainable business

Green charging

To ensure a minimal carbon footprint of our electric vehicles, we are sourcing electricity from renewable sources to the extent possible.

100% zero emission vehicles

Our fleet of electric vehicles do not emit any emissions from its exhaustion and are thus defined as zero emission vehicles compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

Data compliant

We provide a user-friendly application to our customers that enables them to easily access and locate our cars. Furthermore, we make sure that our customer’s data is kept safe with our cloud-based systems solution.

Transportation equity

By having an affordable and accessible mobility solution, we democratize transportation and make it equitable to everyone.

About ESG

With an ESG framework, we actively manage potential risks and opportunities within this framework. By measuring and managing our ESG risks, we can ensure the company’s long-term resilience and continuously identify areas of improvement and innovation.


tonnes CO2 saved


total trips


EVs in operation

Working with UN's Sustainable Development Goals

By identifying our material issues, we were able to categorize the SDGs on a ladder, reflecting our level of impact and opportunity. SDG 11, SDG 12, and SDG 13 are ranked highest due to our direct impact on these goals.

SDG overview

We impact and contribute to SDG 11 by offering a shared mobility fleet of electric vehicles that reduces private car ownership, parking constraints, and traffic congestion.

We contribute to SDG 12 by ensuring that our value chain consists of responsible suppliers with high a business integrity and transparent business conduct.

We impact SDG 13 by strengthening resilience and adaptive climate-related hazards by reducing CO2 emissions from the transportation sector.

UN Global Compact

We are proud members of UN Global Compact since 2019. In 2020, we published our first Communication on Progress in the form of our ESG and Sustainability Report which fulfills the requirements of UN’s 10 principles and how we work with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner

Certified Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner since August 2021. We are delighted how this certification compliments and reflects our engagement in market transparency and in raising environmental standards.

Diversity Policy
Environmental Policy
Human and Labor Rights Policy
Anti-corruption Policy
Supplier's Code of Conduct

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