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Benefit program for shareholders

As a GreenMobility shareholder, you invest in a greener future with cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable cities. We offer our shareholders a special benefit program and the opportunity to drive our cars with free minutes.

To be part of our shareholder benefit program, you must have a minimum of 100 GreenMobility shares, which are registered in your name. As a shareholder with 100 shares or more, you get 100 free minutes every six months.

Why GreenMobility succeeds

Through our strategy of securing a successful expansion of our operations to major European cities, GreenMobility is on the trajectory to realising our vision of becoming one of the leading concepts for green urban mobility in Europe.

Proven, visionary company aspiring to be the best

Highly professional executive management supported by an experienced and committed organisation consistent in its mission to push the green transition.

Best cooperation concepts adjusted to each individual city

A flexible cooperation concept makes us capable of leveraging partner synergies to provide cities with the best mobility solutions.

Mobility pioneer ahead of globally changing markets

Acting in a swiftly growing market that is driven by a clear demand for sustainable, on-demand mobility, and scaling operations during the window of opportunity to capture a dominant market position.

Operational profitability as first ever EV-based car sharing brand

Operational profitability in Copenhagen as the first ever electric car sharing provider, enabled by swift top-line growth and strict cost control.

A succesful concept with exclusive know-how

Proven, agile and highly scalable concept based on deep operational know-how and continuously evolving services enabled by deep data insight.

Valued for sustainablility focus and a consistent mission to change the world

Providing European cities with sustinable and innovative mobility solutions as one of few car sharing providers with a 100% green fleet.