Board of Management

Duties and activities

The Board of Management of GreenMobility A/S defines the long-term goals and the strategies for the company and sets forth the principles and directives for the resulting corporate policies. It coordinates and monitors the most important activities, defines the portfolio, develops and deploys managerial staff, allocates resources and decides on GreenMobility’s financial steering and reporting

According to the Board of Management’s rules of procedure and the functional responsibilities assigned to its members, the Chairman bears particular responsibility for leading and coordinating the Board’s work. He represents the company in dealings with third parties and the workforce on matters relating to more than one part of the company. He also bears special responsibility for certain functions.

Kasper Gjedsted

Group CEO

Kasper Gjedsted has an extensive background as an experienced CEO with a proven track record of creating profitable companies across multiple industries. He joined GreenMobility in March 2023 as Group CEO. He previously served as CEO of Avis Budget Group in Denmark and Sweden. Kasper also led Sixt in Denmark and has years of experience in the software industry and from MAERSK.

Kasper Gjedsted has a total holding of 1,620 shares and 40,000 warrants of GreenMobility A/S.

Anders Wall

Group CFO

Anders Wall joined GreenMobility in 2017 as Chief International Officer, shifting into a position as VP of Investor Relations and Head of Strategic Partnerships in 2020, in which he has been responsible for the development of the Company’s international strategy, as well as investor relations. In May 2021, Anders was appointed COO & Deputy CEO and in January 2022, appointed as Group CFO. Anders holds considerable experience from several managerial positions in the consumer and lifestyle industry.

Anders Wall has a total holding of 3,500 shares and 72,079 warrants of GreenMobility A/S.

Tue Østergaard
Tue Østergaard

Chairman of the Board & Audit Committee Member

Tue Østergaard ([email protected]) joined the board in April 2020, became Vice Chairman a few months later and elected chairman in April 2021. With many years of experience from the top of Danish business society, Tue has a valuable insight into how GreenMobility can develop through different channels, partners, and innovative strategies. Tue Østergaard has a total holding of 16,050 shares and 6,352 warrants in GreenMobility A/S.

    Claus Juhl

    Board Member

    Claus Juhl ([email protected]) joined GreenMobility in 2019. Claus is an experienced CEO, board member and consultant with a primary focus on leading strategic transformation and people in key organizations within the public and private sector. Claus Juhl has a total holding of 5,386 shares and 6,725 warrants of GreenMobility A/S.

      Mie Levi Fenger

      Board Member & Chairwoman of the Audit Committee

      Mie Fenger ([email protected]) has many years of experience in innovation and change management. She has been a member of the board of GreenMobility since 2019 and is involved in several start-ups. Mie Fenger has a total holding of 250 shares and 6,725 warrants of GreenMobility A/S.