Now, GreenMobility plants trees

When GreenMobility’s users drive our electric cars going forward, they are now taking part in planting sustainable forests, creating better conditions for our biodiversity and air quality, and doubling the amount of CO2 that GreenMobility saves.

At GreenMobility, we have decided to plant trees that during their lifetime absorbs the same amount of CO2 that our users save every month by driving in our cars. This means that the saved amount of CO2 will be doubled over time.

GreenMobility’s users have already saved more than 1800 tonnes of CO2 in total. Right now, they save around 60 tons of CO2 every month by driving Green instead of a regular petrol car. We are now doubling this by planting trees so that our joint effort over time means 120 tonnes of CO2 less per month. Going forward, we will be able to save even more as GreenMobility grows.


“It is important for us to make the most climate-friendly choices for our business and users. Therefore, we are very happy that we are now giving something back to the climate, where we are doubling our CO2 savings over time, but also creating new sustainable forests,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO at GreenMobility.




tonnes of CO2 saved



A GreenMobility-forest

The trees are planted by the french-danish company EcoTree, which specializes in sustainable forests and helps companies plant trees. They also take care of the planting and maintenance of the forest, and all the forests are insured, certified, and managed sustainably.

The trees we start planting are of the species Sequoia and green Douglas and every tree absorbs around 1 tonne of CO2 within its lifetime. Initially, the trees will be planted in France in the forest Le Faouët, but in the near future, the trees will be converted 1-1 to new trees in Denmark in a GreenMobility forest that you can visit.

The collaboration with EcoTree suits GreenMobility’s values ​​of being green and sustainable all the way. The cars are already climate-friendly made from recyclable materials and recycled plastic.