Collaboration with Nordic Seaplanes

Nordic Seaplanes has already made it easy to get from Copenhagen to Aarhus and back with the water airplane. Now GreenMobility makes it even easier by establishing a Hotspot with free parking at Nordic Seaplanes.

When you land with the seaplane in Aarhus or Copenhagen, you can now take an electric car directly from the parking lot and to the city center. GreenMobility’s Hotspot at Nordic Seaplanes has parking spaces reserved for electric cars, and here you can always park for free with GreenMobility or find a car and drive to the city center.


“Our new collaboration with Nordic Seaplanes connects Copenhagen and Aarhus even more. In about 10 minutes you can be in the center of Copenhagen in our cars from the Hotspot,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO at GreenMobility.

Hotspots make parking in the city center easy

If you arrive with Nordic Seaplanes in Copenhagen, you can often find a Green at the Hotspot at Nordre Toldboden and within 10 minutes, you will be in city center. With public transport, it takes up to 20 minutes. As a customer at GreenMobility, you drive at a minute price from only DKK 2 per. minute. This means that it will be around DKK 30 for at 15 minutes trip in a Green between Aarhus and Nordic Seaplanes. In Copenhagen, a trip from Nordic Seaplanes to city center will cost around DKK 20, depending on the traffic.


“We hope that it will be even easier for business people and others who take the plane between Copenhagen and Aarhus to travel across the two cities,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO at GreenMobility.

As “klippekortskunde” at Nordic Seaplanes, you’ll get 10 x 15 minutes of free driving with our electric cars. This makes it super easy to go to the city when you arrive at the habour in Copenhagen or Aarhus.

How to get the 10×15 free minutes:
  1. Register as a customer with benefits at Nordic Seaplanes. You will then receive a confirmation email with 10 promo codes, where each giving you 15 free minutes to drive in our cars
  2. Create an account in the GreenMobility app and enter the codes in the app when you want to drive. The codes expire 30 days after activation in the app.
  3. Enjoy the many hundreds of electric cars around the city.