Expansion of the zone and new Hotspots in Copenhagen

We have expanded the zone in Copenhagen to make our electric cars and parking options more available for more people. See all the changes below and read about the brand new Hotspots at the Frederiksberg Center and Grønttorvet.

New Hotspot at the Frederiksberg Centre

Now, it will be even easier to take a car to the Frederiksberg Centre. We have established a brand new Hotspot in the Frederiksberg Centre, which means that you are free to park in the entire parking garage. In the Frederiksberg Centre, there are also charging stations where you can charge the car.

The centre is closed between 21.30 pm and 7.00 am, and you can therefore only park or find an available car in the centre outside of this time period.

New Hotspot at Grønttorvet

We are expanding the zone so it now includes Grønttorvet, Copenhagen’s green district. Here we have established a Hotspot where you can park for free when you visit the district or if you live there. Here you can also often find an available car.

Read about the collaboration with Grønttorvet here.

New Hotspot at Schæffergården, Jægersborg

At Schæffergården in Jægersborg, we have established a Hotspot, where you can park for free at the signs “Reserved for GreenMobility”. If the parking spaces are occupied, you are welcome to park in the other parking spaces at Schæffergården as well.

Satellite zone at Glostrup Station

We have made a satellite zone at Glostrup Station, where you can park for free. The municipality has set up 4 charging stations, which you are free to use. You are welcome to park in all the spaces in the marked zone. If all spaces are occupied, we recommend you to go to Glostrup Hospital, which is less than 5 minutes away, where there are many parking spaces.

Satellite zone at Valby Hallen

We have made a satellite zone at Valby Hallen where you can park for free.

Zone expansion at Tårnby Torv and Ørestaden

We have made a small extension at Tårnby Torv, where we are establishing some charging stations, so you can easily charge the electric car.

At the same time, you can now park in the parking lots near the Royal Arena in Ørestaden. Here you are welcome to park in the marked zone. The same applies to the small satellite zone at “Edward Thomsens Vej”, which is located just on the other side of the shopping center Fields. The Hotspot in Fields still exists where you can park in P1.

Read more about the Hotspots.

Zone expansion at Valby/Vanløse

The zone now runs along Valby Langgade towards Ålholm Plads and further out to Ålekistevej for the benefit of the many residents in the area.

Zone expansion at Søborg/Buddinge

In Søborg/Buddinge, the zone has been changed, so that the zone now follows Gladsaxe Ringvej for the benefit of the many residents in the area.