New Hotspot in Copenhagen’s green area, Grønttorvet

Green roofs and urban gardens are a great part of the area Grønttorvet in Copenhagen, where the residents can take part in green and community-oriented values ​​both inside and out. Now GreenMobility establishes a Hotspot with parking spaces, where residents and users of GreenMobility can park for free or find an available electric car.

Grønttorvet has undergone a renaissance and has emerged as Copenhagen’s green district. Years back, the old Grønttorv was since 1958 the trading place for fruit, vegetables, and flowers. With FB Gruppen as project developer, Grønttorvet is now planned and established as a green district, where residents can live out dreams of green city life with urban gardens, roof terraces with greenhouses, solar cells on the roof – and now also better access to electric cars.

GreenMobility’s new Hotspot at Grønttorvet contains free parking spaces where residents and users of GreenMobility can park a GreenMobility car for free or find an available car if they want to drive to the city, do shopping or go on vacation.


“We believe that the Hotspot and the opportunity to take a GreenMobility car to the district will be a really positive experience for the district’s visitors and the residents themselves who want to live out the green lifestyle. When they drive with GreenMobility, they help save tons of emitted CO2 and support cities with less pollution and noise,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO at GreenMobility.

Shared global mega trends

GreenMobility’s 400 cars in Copenhagen are available around the streets and can be shared by anyone in the city who has a driving license. Sharing economy is one of the global megatrends that GreenMobility’s business focuses on.

The project group, FB Gruppen A/S, which is the group behind the new Grønttorvet, also focusses on the sharing economy. Grønttorvsparken of 23,000 m2 with almost 300 fruit trees is a green meeting point in the middle of the district, where a shared dining house and a greenhouse have been built, as well as green living areas and a mirror basin of 700 m2 is planned. On the roofs of all residential blocks, there are roof terraces with urban gardening, and in the courtyards there are greenhouses where the residents can get green fingers.


“We share many of the same values ​​as GreenMobility, and we speak into several of the same global megatrends in our business: urbanization, sustainability, and the sharing economy. It makes perfect sense for FB Gruppen A/S to collaborate with a company as GreenMobility that calls for a more sustainable lifestyle, just as we do,” says Hans-Bo Hyldig, CEO at FB Gruppen A/S.

At GreenMobility’s Hotspot at Grønttorvet, you can park for free in the parking spaces at ground level. There are no reserved spaces and it is free to park 24 hours a day at all spaces.


“Grønttorvet is Copenhagen’s greenest district. GreenMobility is Copenhagen’s greenest car-sharing service. Of course, we need a Hotspot here, and now we have one. I hope the residents will greet the initiative well, ”says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO of GreenMobility.