GreenMobility is expanding to Sweden

On Monday, June 15, we make 200 cars available for the Swedish people on the streets of Malmö and Gothenburg! Our Swedish neighbors will get the possibility to use our sustainable and shareable electric cars, and we are working to make it possible to drive from Copenhagen to Malmö and vice versa too.

Despite the challenges of the corona crisis and therefore the postponement of our launch in Sweden, we are now ready to make the streets of Malmö and Gothenburg greener. GreenMobility is expanding to Sweden form Monday!


“We are seeing a green development in Sweden, where they are far ahead of the green transition. I am looking forward to give the Swedish people the opportunity for easy, greener, and cheaper mobility solutions around the cities from Monday,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO of GreenMobility.

Green cars made from recyclable materials

Our sustainable cars are made of recycled plastic and recyclable materials. They emit no harmful substances, make less noise than other cars, and are accessible to all adults with a driver’s license.


“We reduce our footprint on nature by changing the way we produce and consume. To reduce the emit of harmful particles, our cars rely solely on renewable energy sources,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul.

The Swedish fleet of cars consists of electric cars just like in Denmark. The cars run on electricity from renewable energy sources and do not emit harmful substances. Our cars get electricity from our partner in Sweden, Göteborg Energi. In both Malmö and Gothenburg, Hotspots are reserved for GreenMobility’s users, where the cars can be charged at several of the Hotspots.

Between Malmö and Copenhagen

At first, it is not possible to drive in a GreenMobility car to and from Sweden, even though GreenMobility is expanding to Sweden. However, we are working to make it possible to cross the bridge to Sweden in a Danish-registered GreenMobility car and return again. More info will follow.