Green travel tips

Do you have a dream to relax in the beaches of Italy, see the Eiffel tower in Paris or the little mermaid in Copenhagen 2023? Getting to know new places and cultures is a passion for many, however, traveling also has a reputation to be harmful for our environment.

Instead of trying to deny you from traveling, we want to give you our best tools to make it as sustainable as possible. This way, you can experience the world with a good conscious. Soak in our Green travel tips below and get ready to plan your first vacation of 2023.

Simple steps to success

1. Go Overland

If you are traveling within Europe, then why not take the train? You will save approximately 50% of CO2 when choosing a train instead of an airplane.

2. Stay Eco-Friendly

Try to stay in locally-run guesthouses rather than big chain hotels. A small guesthouse is more likely to source its produce and suppliers locally, which cuts down on supply-chain emissions.

3. Avoid single use plastic

When you get to your destination, avoid buying bottled water or plastic bags. Instead make sure to have your own reusable water bottle and a tote bag with you at all times.

4. Recycle when possible

Instead of throwing everything to one trash, decide to make an effort to find recycling bins in your area. Recycling will always be a warm hug to the environment!

5. Conserve

It’s just as important to conserve energy and water when on holidays as it is at home. Make sure to turn off the TV and lights when you leave your hotel room. Keep your showers short, and let housekeeping know you don’t want your sheets and towels cleaned every day.

6. Drive Green

An easy and straightforward choice is to choose to take an electric car instead of a diesel one, when you want to go around and explore the city. Our cars are available for you in 8 different cities across Europe, including Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Your electric cars in Europe

With one single app and account, you have access to thousands of electric cars in Europe. If your destination is one of our 8 cities, you can forget about expensive taxi’s and confusing public transport, and simply just go around with a Green. The app works the same everywhere, you just have to be aware of the parking rules in the particular city. Driving electric cars during your travels is an easy, effective and affordable way to reduce your trips carbon footprint.

VIP parking at the airport

We have made driving Green in Europe extremely easy by offering VIP parking spaces in multiple different airports around Europe. This means, that if you are for example traveling from Helsinki to Copenhagen, you can easily drive Green to the airport, and continue with another car after your arrival to Copenhagen. Find information regarding each airport Hotspot from the cities own webpage. You can read more about our Hotspot at Helsinki-Vantaa airport from here.

Even better: You can also choose to prebook a car to your destination. When you prebook a car, it will delivered to the airport with a full battery, at the time of your choice. Once you are off from the plane you can continue your trip Green with a single swipe in the app. Smart!

You can find our electric cars from Helsinki-, Copenhagen-, Billund-, Aarhus-, Brussels- and Antwerpen airport.