The zone

You can freely drive out of the zone but only end your trip within the zone where the trip was started.

GreenMobility operates in a bigger area in Helsinki. We call this area the zone and this is where you can start and end your trip. You can always find a GreenMobility car within the zone around the streets of Helsinki.

You can easily leave the zone and come back

You can easily drive out of the zone, but you can only end your trip within the zone where you began the trip. If you need to park outside the zone, you still pay as you cannot finish the trip until you are back in the zone. Outside of the zone, you have to pay for parking fees yourself. For example, if you drive from Helsinki to Porvoo to spend the night, you can press “stopover” in the app, but only finish your trip when you are back in the zone.

Park for free with GreenMobility

Within the zone, you can park for free in all public parking places with a minimum of 2 hours parking time 24/7. Also all of the residential spots are allowed. You also have the opportunity to park at our Hotspots which are parking places reserved especially for the cars. Here, you can usually find an available car too.

In the picture, you can see which parking signs you should pay attention to. You can also see the parking rules in the cars.

Be sure to check the parking disc if you are parking in time-limited areas. Please note that you cannot end your trip in parking spaces with less than 2 hours time parking-limit 24/7.

Always drive green

We have a lot of Hotspots for you around the city.

Easy parking in the city.

See all our Hotspots in the app, where the individual Hotspots icons on the map are clickable and contain information about the specific parking options.

Kør-selv-taxi lufthavn

VIP parking in the airport coming soon

Everything is included

Power, parking and maintenance of the cars are included. We have all-inclusive prices to suit your needs. If you need us for 2 minutes or up to 7 days, it can easily be done. When you finish driving, you just put the car in a legal public parking place. Easy.

Call +358 9 42454754 for support