Company cars of the future are electric and shared

Get a tailor-made solution that provides financial benefit for both company and employees.

GreenMobility Business is a new, innovative, and electric mobility solution for companies that want their employees to be able to drive green both during and after working hours. With GreenMobility, all companies and communities in Finland can get their own electric cars at the company’s address. Choose the car brand and model yourself so the leased cars fit your brand and company. We can offer all types of leased electric cars for any purpose and industry.

Our business app is your key to the cars and in our business portal, companies can follow their driving, consumption, and CO2 savings by driving electric cars. As a company, you can also choose to use our more than a thousand city cars in Helsinki and operational cities in Europe, where you have free VIP parking in the city center. By offering leasing of electric cars, we make the green transition fun, easy, measurable, and economically advantageous for all parties.


The company’s car during working hours.
The employees’ after work.

Get your own shareable electric cars at your address, which only you and your employees have access to, through our business solution for leasing of electric cars. Choose car brand and model yourself.

Try now for only 500€ ex. VAT per car per month, all inclusive.

Use our over 1000 electric city cars during work

As a company, you can use our more than 1000 electric cars in Copenhagen, Aarhus and our operational cities in Europe to get to and from meetings, to the airport or for work-related errands. GreenMobility makes company leasing of electric cars easy.

Drive from only 0,20€ per minute ex. VAT

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All in one app and portal

The app is your key to the cars

Get your own electric cars at the company or use our thousand electric cars in Finland and Europe as your company cars. Get around easily during working hours and to and from meetings.

An unlimited number of employees

Add an unlimited number of employees to the business portal. The app is linked to your company account, which makes it easy for several employees to drive on the same company account.

Overview of driving and consumption

In our portal, you can easily add new employees who should be part of the business agreement and get an overview of your activity and CO2 savings. Choose to pay by card or invoice.

Make a real climate improvement

Make a real climate improvement by driving in our electric cars that do not emit harmful substances and run exclusively on electricity. Follow your CO2 savings. Every kilometer counts.

“Customers, suppliers and partners increasingly want to work with companies that can clearly show how they contribute to sustainable and responsible development in the world”

We make it easy to drive green during work

Add an unlimited number of employees

In our business portal, you can easily add all the employees that want to be a part of the business agreement for car leasing. Employees will afterward receive an email with a link to create a user in our business app. It makes the process quick and easy.

Overview of activity, consumption and invoices

In the portal, you can track your activity and consumption, create or assign trips to projects, and see your invoices. Here, you also choose whether you want to pay by invoice or by credit card.

Follow your CO2 savings

You get an overview of how much CO2 you save by leasing electric cars rather than driving gasoline cars. Our electric cars emit no harmful substances and are produced from recyclable materials. At the same time, we plant trees to contribute to more sustainable forests, biodiversity and to reduce CO2. The trees save the same amount of CO2 during their lifetime as our customers save every month.

The employees car after working hours

With GreenMobility Business, employees do not need to own their own car. As a company, you can let your electric cars be a perk for the employees, who can use the electric cars in their free time at favorable prices for the full use of the cars.

VIP parking in the airport coming soon

Electric vans with extra space

If you need to move to a new office, or just need some extra space, you ca  have your own vans at the company.

Get started easily with car leasing through GreenMobility Business

+800 companies

More than 800 companies have chosen the green solution. Do you want your company to be onboard?

Over 2000 tons of CO2 saved

Real climate change happens when we make the right choices for ourselves, our employees and customers. Do you want your company to be greener?

8 greener cities

We are a part of the green mobility solutions of the future, and we are continuously implementing our solution in new European cities.

Drive “Green”.

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We are a team of around 100 passionate employees who are ready to help. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year just for you.

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We are part of the green mobility solutions of the future, and our growth is driven by the 3 megatrends – urbanization, sustainability and sharing economy.