Your guide for charging the cars

GreenMobility's cars can be charged at all Helen and Virta stations and selected Fortum Charge & Drive -stations

All GreenMobility cars are 100% electric and run relatively far on a charged battery. If you need to charge a car, you can charge it for free at all Helen and Virta type 2 charging stations around Finland. You are also welcomed to use their 50kW fast chargers.

Help the next user – and yourself. You can earn free minutes when the car has less than 60% power left by plugging it into a charger after your trip. The minutes will automatically be added to your account after the car is plugged in and our trip has ended.

Easy and simple
You have access to plenty of charging stations around Finland. In terms of equipment, you can find the charging cable from the trunk and the charging card from the middle panel.
Keep others in mind
If you park at a charging station, it is important that you always charge the car. In that way, you do not hold the charging station from other electric car users. And the car will be ready for the next user.
Earn minutes by charging
Charge a car with 60% power left after your trip and earn free minutes. Less than 60% power = 10 free minutes. Less than 40% = 15 free minutes and at less than 20% = 20 free minutes.

Where to charge

Helen & Virta

You can charge the car using the yellow Helen charging card found in the car at all Helen and Virtra type 2 charging stations around Finland.


You can check nearby charging points, e.g. from here.

NEW: Fortum Charge & Drive

You can charge at the selected stations mentioned underneath with the green Fortum charging card:

  • Recharge
  • K-Lataus
  • Allego
  • Everon
  • Greenflux
  • Haminan energia
  • Järvisydän Hotelli
  • Santapark Oy
  • LSK Oy

Please note that at the moment only part of the fleet is equipped with Fortum charging card. We are constantly adding the cards to more cars. For example when doing a prebook you can ask us for a car with the Fortum charging card.

Beginning charging

1) Open the front logo cover on the electric car by pushing the switch with the charger icon on the left of the steering wheel

2) Take the charging card from the middle panel and hold it close to the charger to open the port
3) Plug in the cable to the socket on the car and then to the charger. The cable is in the trunk

4) Place the charging card back into the cardholder in the middle panel

Stopping charging

1) Unlock the car
2) Press the switch with the charger icon on the left of the steering wheel
3) Unplug the cable from the car
4) Take the other end of the cable out of the charger’s socket
5) Place the cable back into the trunk


Should the cable be stuck, show the charging card on the charger. 

Ending your trip.

Park easily and end your trip.

Free parking is always nearby

We offer you free street parking within our zone. We have also reserved a lot of VIP-parking spaces around the zone. We call these Hotspots. You can find all the Hotspots in the app. Here you’ll always find easy and free parking. Charging our electric cars is also possible at the Hotspots.

Call +358 9 42454754 for support