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Together we create greener and cleaner cities. Because great business is green business

Green Development for Business. We work to create more comfortable, greener and cleaner cities with fewer cars, less noise and less harmful substances. Doing this will benefit th present and future generations living conditions. Our mission is to contributing to several of the UN’s Global Goals by providing sustainable transportation with electric vehicles that run on electricity from renewable energy sources.


Tons of CO2 saved







Drive green with us.

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Together, we create a better future.

When driving with GreenMobility, you are helping to create a greener and cleaner cities with less noise and less pollution. Help save tons of CO2 every year. It is the green development way for your business.

Cleaner air and less noise

Since our launch in October 2016, we have saved more than 2000000 kilos of CO2 compared to driving with gasoline and diesel cars.

Our users have driven almost 14,000,000 green kilometers in city cars. We think this is a good and green effort.

How we contribute to
The Global Goals

GreenMobility makes a positive contribution to the following of the UN goals:

  • Sustainable Cities – we contribute to sustainable transportation that is accessible to everyone.
  • Communities Responsible Consumption – we offer CO2 neutral transportation to private people and companies.
  • Climate Action – our cars run on electricity from renewable energy sources and emit no harmful substances.

To find out more about the UN Global Goals, you can find an overview and description here.


Together, we create a better world for future generations