Cheapest shareable cars on the market.

GreenMobility's cheap prices and packages

Only pay for the time you actually use the car. Insurance, electricity and parking are always included in the price, regardless of whether you drive for 2 minutes or 2 days.

Discounted cars

Cars that are marked with an orange % icon in the app are on discount. If you take one of these cars, you only pay 0,20€/min. Be aware, that prepaid minutes are not used with these cars, but stay in your account for later use.

Get a car delivered to your address

Do you already know that you will need a car for a meeting next week or or just need a car to be delivered? Prebook in the app. We have made sure with GreenMobilitys’ cheap pricing that it is affordable and easy.

You will receive an SMS confirmation. You must approve this one. Afterwards, one of our street-runners delivers a car shortly before the scheduled time. You will receive a message when the car is ready for you.

Delivery to an address or nearest available parking spot: 10€

Delivery within 500 meters from the desired address: 5€

Delivery to the airport: 10€

Easiest parking at the airport

Park easily at our reserved VIP parking spaces at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. To start or end a trip at the airport, an airport fee of 7€ is imposed.

Fees & Fines

Sign up: 0€
Minute price: 0,54€ / min
Reservation price after the first 20 minutes of free reservation: 0,15€ / min
Price for day rental without package: 200€
Start/stop at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport: 7€

In general
Invoice: 15€
Reminder fee: 15€
Pre-book Car: 5€ – 500m radius/ 10€ – front door /10€ – to Airport
Administration fee: 15€
Excess: 1000€ (If below 25 years old: 1250€)
Reduced deductible on insurance to 150€: From 4€
Fee for breach of terms: 300€
Fee for breach of terms in case of financial consequences: On bill

Take care of the pieces – for your own sake and for the next user!
Loss of keys: 650€
Loss of charging/parking card: 300€
Charging cable (broken or lost): 300€

Take care of the car – and the next user will love you!

Administration fee for damages: From 35€ – 675€
Car service due to extra checkup of the car e.g. windows down, connecting car to charge: 40€
Drying of the car due to open window: 90€
Light cleaning due to e.g. garbage/paper in the car: 100€
Deep cleaning due to e.g. smoking/animals in the car: 300€
Misuse of charging/parking card: 650€ + consumption
Necessary extra cleaning of GreenMobility car: 300€
Removal of stickers, foil, etc. up to 535€
Damage rim: 125€
Puncture: 200€
In case of damage and repair, lost revenue per day: 90€


Drive nicely – for your own sake and for the ones you love!
Driving without a valid driver’s license: 300€
Letting another person drive on your account: 225€
Parking fines: Fine + administration fee
Fines and offense: Fine + administration fee
Relocation of a car parked inappropriately inside the zone, e.g. in front of a private driveway, bus lane, construction site: 40€
Relocation of a car by GreenMobility outside the zone: 200€
Towing of the car inside or outside the zone by a towing company (due to the customer’s violation of the rental terms): 300€
Service by car (only in case of customer’s own fault): On bill + towing


Give a giftcard to someone you want to spoil.

What would be a better present than a key to all of our electric cars in Helsinki as well as all of our cities in Europe? Give someone the freedom of owning a car, without any of the owning costs.