Cheapest shareable cars on the market. Pay from 0,25€/min.

Drive green on a low budget

Prices and packages

At GreenMobility, you can either pay as you go or buy a package with hours or days. Want to go on extended weekend or summer vacation in Finland? We have the sharpest prices on the market for every need.

Easy parking at the airport coming soon

Get a car delivered to your address

Do you already know that you will need a car for a meeting next week or or just need a car to be delivered? Prebook in the app. We have made sure with GreenMobilitys’ cheap pricing that it is affordable and easy.

You will receive an SMS confirmation. You must approve this one. Afterwards, one of our street-runners delivers a car shortly before the scheduled time. You will receive a message when the car is ready for you.

Delivery to an address: 10€

Delivery within 500 meters from the desired address: 5€

Fixed low price

The cheapest on the market. As low as 0,25€/min with our packages.

Incl. insurance, charging and parking

You can focus on enjoying the trip. We’ll handle all the hazzle of owning a car.

Greener cities

Climate friendly electrical cars we all share. Low noise and pollution.