Hotspot locations

Hotspots offer VIP-parking in Helsinki and Espoo

Hotspots offer VIP-parking in Helsinki and Espoo. From our Hotspots, you will always find an available and free parking space. Often you’ll also find an available car to use. Read more about Hotspot -locations underneath. The Hotspots are marked in our applications map with blue “HS” icons.

Messitytönkatu 5

The parking lot in question is easily accessible from both Ruoholahti and Jätkäsaari, located next to Selkämerenpuisto. The parking space is marked with a GreenMobility-sign. If the space is reserved, you can also park the car in public roadside spaces.

The parking lot serves as a pilot for now, arranged together with Ruoholahti parking services. The intention of the pilot is to encourage the surrounding neighbourhood to take on emission-free car sharing services.


The hotspot is in Konepaja’s parking hall. You can drive into it from Teollisuuskatu via Bruno Granholmin kuja. You can park in any free parking spot. Please notice that there are some private parking spots where you are not allowed to park. These spots are marked with signs. Parking and taking the car is possible when the parking hall is open.

Parking outside Hotspots is also free

Parking with GreenMobility is easy. No Hotspot nearby? Do not worry! We offer free street parking within both of our zones in Helsinki and Espoo.