Find VIP parking close to you with GreenMobility

Hotspots offer VIP-parking in Helsinki. We call these spaces Hotspots. From our Hotspots, you will always find an available and free parking space. Often you’ll also find an available car to use. We currently have 4 Hotspots in Helsinki area. You can read more about the Hotspots and their locations underneath. The Hotspots are marked in our applications map with blue “HS” icons.

Where should our next Hotspot be?

Do you have any ideas on where we should open our next Hotspot in your city?

Do you want to be sure that there is always a car close by when you get off work? We can open a Hotspot right outside your office! Or perhaps there is a parking close to where you live where we should have a Hotspot? Write to us at [email protected] and come with your suggestions!


Hotspots offer VIP-parking in Helsinki.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

In Helsinki-Vantaa Airport we have 4 spots reserved for GreenMobility cars. 2 of these spots also have a charging possibility. Parking spaces are located in P3B ground floor. 

Parking spaces are marked with GreenMobility -signs.


This VIP parking space can be found from the Northern part of our zone. The address to the Hotspot is Karvaamokuja 1. Take a right, after you have passed the gates to find the parking space. 

Parking space is marked with a GreenMobility sign. 


This Hotspot is located next to the central railwaystation. You can drive to this Hotspot from 2 locations.: Asema-aukio 1 and Töölönlahdenkatu 1. There are also several entrances when you want to enter without a car. See all entrances here. We have 2 parking spaces located in Area A next to the charging stations that are reserved for you, when you drive with GreenMobility.

Parking places are marked with GreenMobility -signs.


This Hotspot is located at the heart of Helsinki City. You can drive to this Hotspot from 3 locations.: Simonkatu 7, Jaakonkatu and Ruoholahdenkatu 3. There are also several entrances when you want to enter without a car. See all entrances here. On the lower level, you can park in Area F next to the charging stations.

Hämeentie 3

In Hämeentie 3 parking house we have parking spaces 62 and 65 reserved for GreenMobility. You can enter the parking house by foot or with car from a ramp that is located between Näkintie 1 and 3. If both of the reserved spots are taken, you can park your car by the street in front of the parking house.

Kauppakeskus Kaari

From the parking house of Kauppakeskus Kaari you will find 4 parking spaces reserved for GreenMobility. Enter the parking house from Laulukuja. Our reserved spots are located in the row E and are marked with GreenMobility -signs. In case all the reserved spots are taken, you are welcomed to use an available space nearby.

Parking outside Hotspots is also free

Parking with GreenMobility is easy. No Hotspot nearby? Do not worry! In Helsinki you park for free in all public parking spaces with at least 2 hours parking limit. All residential parking spaces A–P are also allowed.