New: Hotspot at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Our new Hotspot in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has just opened.

This means that you can easily drive from Helsinki to the airport in a GreenMobility car and park at our VIP parking spaces reserved for you. You can also find a car or prebook a car at the airport, when you want to drive back to the city from the airport.

Easy parking at our Hotspot

At Helsinki-Vantaa Airport we have 4 parking spaces reserved for GreenMobility cars. 2 of these spaces has a charging possibility as well. Parking spaces are marked with GreenMobility -signs.

You can park your car in the P3 garage level 1. The garage is the first one after ST1 station on the left. You drive in by turning to the left. Follow signs to P3B.

When you drive in and out from the garage, the airport scans your license plate and lifts up the boom automatically. You can park your car in places with GreenMobility signs. If all reserved places are taken, you are welcomed to park the car in the nearest available place.

You can conveniently access both terminals from the P3B car park, and also to the P3B from both terminals. You just simply follow the P3B signs to the car park.

A 7€ airport fee will be automatically deducted from customers GreenMobility account when starting or ending a trip at the airport. This is significantly cheaper option than taking a taxi or parking your own car at the airport.

Be your own taxi driver

We offer to deliver an electric car to your home address, which is ready for you approx. 20 minutes before your desired delivery time – a bit like ordering a taxi. You just drive the car yourself and are your own taxi driver. The only thing you have to concentrate on is finding the holiday mood, putting on a good playlist and get going.

If you need to be at the airport at 8 on a Monday, simply pre-order the car latest in the previous evening. You choose the delivery time and address during the order The car will be delivered to you with a full battery, and ready to go.

You can easily prebook a car for delivery in the app under “Delivery of car”.

Read more about car delivery here.

Fewer double trips and less CO2

Every year, many friends or family members drive each other to the airport. This is equals to many wasted kilometers, which can be reduced if you instead take a Green and drive to the airport yourself. Unlike your own car, you can leave your GreenMobility there to wait for the next user. With fewer private cars on the roads, we can save CO2 and reduce congestion and noise on the roads.