GreenMobility’s Green Christmas wish

Make your Christmas Green

Take a step to a more sustainable direction this year

Holiday season is a wonderful time of the year. Christmas decorations brings light to the streets of Helsinki. You can hear joyfull Christmas songs all around you. Friends and family get together for the cozy winter moments. It is a tradition of ours, to buy beautiful presents for our loved ones and enjoy a Christmas meal on the 24th of December. We all love Christmas and maybe that’s why, have a habit to go very big with the preperation. This year, we want to engourage every household to keep sustainability in mind and make Christmas GREEN!

Join our movement by reducesing your households overconsumption, and choose Christmas gifts that do not overload our planet with more pollution. Maybe you wrap the Christmas presents in recycled wrapping paper this year or replant your Christmas tree so it can be used again next year? There is many possible actions to take, in order to protect our planet.

Our tips for a greener Christmas:

  1. Buy a sustainable Christmas tree
    Choose an organic Christmas tree or a Christmas tree that can be replanted. They are available both at the Christmas tree markets around the city or online.
  2. Make it yourself
    Self made is made with love! Buy some egological wool from a local store and knit a pair of warm socks to your friend.
  3. Use recycled wrapping paper
    Sustainable gift wrapping paper is a more environmentally friendly choice and is available in several supermarkets and online.
  4. Reduce food waste
    Only cook what you can eat. Even though it is delicious, do not over do it! Christmas is the biggest food waste time of the year.
  5. Switch to LED lights
    What it comes to decorations, LED lights use up to 80% less energy than the traditional twinkling incadescent lights.
  6. Drive green when driving home for Christmas
    Are you going on Christmas holiday with the family? Choose the green solution and help reduce pollution and noise in the city.
  7. Remember the true meaning
    Good times with your loved ones is far more important than the material you might buy or receive.

Happy Holidays!

Love, GreenMobility team