Don't miss out on 2nd half

GreenMobility and Mikkeller wish you a great match

We want to give you the best Euro 2020 experience, where you don’t miss out on the 2nd half, can enjoy the matches and easily get to and from the matches. That is why we have teamed up with the Danish beer brand, Mikkeller, and their non-alcoholic beer Drink’in The Sun, which will be available for free in our cars during Euro.

You can also have an electric car delivered to you with a discount, so you can easily get to and from the matches. Grab a Green when you are going to watch the match, enjoy a non-alcoholic Mikkeller beer and provide your friends and yourself with a 15% discount in Mikkeller’s webshop. Read more below.

Discount on delivery of car

When should we deliver a car to you?

Saturday the 12th of June at 6 PM


Thursday the 17th of June at 6 PM


Monday the 21st of June at 9 PM

Get a car delivered from only DKK 40

We have reduced the price on delivery of our electric cars within the zone, so you are guaranteed a car exactly when you need it. Prebook a car in the app menu “Delivery of car”. The offer is valid until June 21st.

Delivery to the address: DKK 65 (before: DKK 129)
Delivery within 500 meters: DKK 40 (before: DKK 79)
GreenSaver price: from DKK 20

Book a car at least 8 hours in advance in Copenhagen and at least 12 hours in advance in Aarhus. We’ll try to accommodate wishes for battery level but can not guarantee a fully charged car.

Drink'in The Sun - non-alcoholic beers in our cars

Don’t wanna miss the 2nd half? Sometimes the excitement on the pitch translates to a few too many beers. But we have the solution for getting to the 2nd half. We have teamed up with the Danish beer brand Mikkeller that provides you with a couple of non-alcoholic Drink’in the Sun in our cars in Copenhagen and Aarhus around the days where the Danish team is playing. Enjoy a non-alcoholic beer with your friends for the match – then you also get the match result!

Get a 15% discount in Mikkeller's webshop

Mikkeller is world-renowned for its innovative beers and exciting flavors. Until July 31st, you can supply your friends and yourself with a discount on non-alcoholic beers from Mikkeller’s webshop. Get a 15% discount on your first order with the code “GreenMikkeller”.