Get access to a thousand city cars during working hours

Get flexible company leasing of electric cars in the city that makes it easy for employees to drive green

GreenMobility Business offers company leasing of electric cars in the city to companies that want their employees to be able to drive green during working hours. As a company, you can use our more than 1000 electric cars in Copenhagen, the greater area of Copenhagen, Aarhus, and a number of cities in Europe to get to and from meetings, to the airport, or for work-related errands. In our business app, employees will find an available electric car nearby, reserve it and open it directly in the app.

Drive to your destination and end the trip in the app. With GreenMobility Business, you make a greener choice for the company and the employees and help to reduce CO2, pollution and noise in the cities. The employees have free VIP parking in the city center and can use our app and cars in all the cities we operate in Europe. On a company account, employees drive from only DKK 1.6/minute ex VAT. Electricity, insurance, maintenance, and parking within the zone are at our expense.

One app and portal

Access to thousand electric cars during work

Use our thousand electric city cars in Denmark and selected cities in Europe as your company cars. Get around easily during working hours, to and from meetings, or the airport.

One app for all the employees
Add an unlimited number of employees that should have to access the cars from the app. The app is linked to your company account, which makes it easy for several employees to drive.
A great overview in the business portal
In our business portal, you can easily add an unlimited number of employees who should be part of the business agreement, and get an overview of your activity, CO2 savings, and invoices.
Make a real climate improvement
Make a real climate improvement by driving in our electric cars that do not emit harmful substances and run exclusively on electricity. Follow your CO2 savings. Every kilometer counts.

Take a Green.

Download the GreenMobility Business app and get ready to drive green at work.

We make your green transition measurable

With GreenMobility Business, your company and employees are guaranteed green driving during working hours. Our cars are 100% electric and emit no harmful substances. In our portal, you get an overview of how much CO2 you save overall by driving an electric car rather than a petrol car. Together we make a difference to improve our climate and lower congestion, pollution, and urban noise.

VIP-parking in the city and airport

You have free parking in all public parking spots with at least 2 hours of parking within our zone. We have also reserved some VIP parking spaces for you, where you park for free. We call these Hotspots. One of our Hotspots is at the Copenhagen Airport. The parking spaces are in P7, and here it costs only DKK 39.2 ex. VAT to start and end a trip. If you land at the airport, you can often find an available electric car and drive home or to the office.

Electric vans with extra space

If you need to move to a new office, you can use our spacious electric vans. The van’s cargo space is 4.6 m3. Height: 1.25 m, width: 1.10 m, length / depth: 1.47 m.

Get an electric car delivered to the office

If you need a car at a specific time, we can deliver a car to the office or another desired address within our zone. In this way, you can be sure that there is an available car, exactly at the time you need it. We deliver both our ordinary cars and vans, but the vans are only available for delivery in Copenhagen.

Dedicated team

We are a team of around 100 passionate employees who are ready to help. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The customer comes first

We will do a lot for our customers. Maybe that’s why 91% of our customers say they’ve told friends and family about us. On Trustpilot, we get 4.5 out of 5 possible stars

We are green

We are part of the green mobility solutions of the future, and our growth is driven by the 3 megatrends – urbanization, sustainability and sharing economy