Forenom: ”We see economic and operational benefits in a green mobility provider”

The company Forenom, which rents out and maintains apartments in several Nordic cities, uses GreenMobility’s electric cars to get to and from the apartments when they need to be maintained. The flexibility of not owning the cars and at the same time contributing to a greener environment in the cities are two important parameters for Forenom in choosing a mobility solution.

Forenom rents out more than 6,500 apartment hotels, hostels and furnished apartments in the Nordic region. In Denmark, Forenom is based on Amager but is headquartered in Finland and has over 100,000 guests annually.

With many thousands of guests, there is a need for maintenance and cleaning of the apartments, which are handled by Forenom’s employees. The employees use GreenMobility’s electric cars to get to and from an apartment to make them ready for the next visitor.

We could choose to lease cars – or to make use of the electric cars that already exist in the city. In an industry like ours, there are often specific days when many travelers leave the apartments at the same time. If we had our own cars, they would be in use at the same time and then stand still other days. That doesn’t work,” says Lars Dissing, Country Director at Forenom.

For Forenom, using GreenMobility instead of leasing or owning is a flexible solution. The employees can take a car directly from their street, which solves both operational and financial needs of the company.

“Instead of going to the office and picking up a company car, employees can rent a GreenMobility car directly from the street or their home address. It is both time-saving and smart. In this way, they can easily and quickly get around to tasks in both Taastrup, Rødovre, Lyngby, Ørestaden and many other places,” says Lars Dissing.

Economic and operational benefits

Forenom’s employees are all registered on a company profile in GreenMobility’s business portal, which works together with the business app. In the app, employees reserve and open a car close by and drive. In the business app, the employees have an overview of invoices, trips and the CO2 they help to save when they drive electric cars instead of gasoline or diesel cars.

“The sustainable part is an important parameter for us. We make a living from people coming to the cities and renting apartments, and therefore it makes great sense for us to support less urban pollution by choosing a green mobility partner. At the same time, it puts us in a better operational and financial position, so there are plenty of benefits and arguments for using GreenMobility, says Lars Dissing.

Forenom is gradually building a greener company profile. Lars Dissing therefore sees an opportunity in using the cars in the company’s other operational cities in the future.

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