TOP 5 Father’s Day ideas

This Sunday, on the 13th of November 2022 we celebrate Father’s Day in Finland. Traditionally on Father’s Day dads might get some presents, tasty breakfast and some luxury time with the whole family. What are your plans for this year?

In case you are still not quite sure what to do with dad, or could use some additional inspiration, read our TOP 5 ideas of things to do below.

1. Fresh start to the morning

Start your Father’s Day by refreshing at Allas Sea Pool. At Allas sea pool you have the option to either jump to a warm pool outdoors while the air is nice and crispy or if you are very brave, directly to the cold sea. After water you quickly run to the hot sauna indoors to warm up. Believe us, this combination right in the morning, while the sun is coming up, is out from this world!

2. See dad's dad!

Father’s Day for your dad, is also a celebration of his dad. Take your dad to see him as well. When all the dads of the family are gathered together, it would also be the perfect moment to maybe open some presents, and enjoy coffee with delicious Father’s Day cake.

3. Go Karting

Feel like challenging your Formula skills together? Go Karting has always been a popular activity to do together with friends, and why not family too! If your dad is up for the speed, try out one of the many Go Karting centres around Helsinki, like this one.

4. Escape an Escape Room with your family

Are you both not the biggest racers? Then, test how close your family bond is by escaping together from an escape room. The search for clues and patterns under time pressure is sure to make for a memorable activity. Through this link, you can find the perfect escape for your family.

5. A dinner of his choice

A heart warming family dinner by the end of the day, is an absolute must! Choose a restaurant that you just know, your dad would LOVE to eat a meal at. Once you get to the dinner, take your time and bond as a family. Maybe even go a little round of what each of you would like to thank your dad for this year. Perfect way to end a wonderful day!

+ 6. Let us help you through the day

Father’s Day should be all about celebrating your dad as a family, and you should have time and access to all of the things you would like to do during this day. Let us help you. Take a Green on Father’s Day and we ensure you, that you do not need to stress over distances or time. You can only focus on the things that matter.

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