GreenMobility has arrived to Espoo!

GreenMobility has arrived to Espoo! This means, that you can now rent GreenMobility’s 100% electric and shareable cars both in Espoo and Helsinki.

We are extremely pleased to announce, that a place you have wished for so long, is now Green! Today we have opened 4 satellite zones in Espoo. Welcome on board Keilalahti and -niemi, Otaniemi, Tapiola and Leppävaara! Read more about the satellite zones in Espoo down below.

What is a satellite?

Espoo is a satellite to our zone in Helsinki. See what is means here.

Espoo has 4 satellite zones (see the applications map). These are all satellites to our main zone in Helsinki. A satellite zone is a place in distance, that holds exactly the same opportunities that a main zone does. As a customer, you are welcomed to start and end your trip inside these satellite zones. You can also prebook a car there. As always, charging at Helen and Virta charging station is free. NOTE: Parking rules in Espoo are different compared to Helsinki. Continue reading to learn more about them.

Parking in Espoo

See our parking rules in Espoo here.

Parking in Espoo differences from our parking rules in Helsinki. Therefore, it is very important to read and memorize the parking rules in both cities.

In Espoo you can park your GreenMobility car in any parking space owned by the city of Espoo, and is marked with a shareable car sign. These spaces are for example paid parking spaces that belongs to the city of Espoo.  Besides of these, you are also able to leave your Green to any public 24h parking space.


Read more about our parking rules from here.

Greetings from Tomas Basili

City Manager at GreenMobility Finland

“Expanding our operation zone to Espoo has been our goal for a good while now. Espoo has a great potential and with these new satellites, we can answer the grown request from our customers. Now we are able to offer our service in a wider area and for even wider audience.”


Now we are able to offer our service in a wider area and for even wider audience.

Ready to experience Espoo?

Drive around the city with a 100% electric and shareable car