Electric cars for property developers

With GreenMobility Business, property developers are guaranteed an attractive car-sharing service for the future residents that can reduce the number of parking spaces required.

For property developers, GreenMobility Business can guarantee an attractive car-sharing service for residents 10 years ahead, which will increase the chances that the municipality will accept a reduction in the number of necessary parking spaces. With fewer parking spaces in the cities, we together free up more space and at the same time give residents access to cheap and shareable cars. Residents benefit from driving green, sharing the cars with each other and get the opportunity to have access to a car without having the cost of owning it themselves. With favorable package prices, we make it easy and cheap for residents to choose an environmentally friendly transport solution in their everyday lives. Contact our Director of Business Development, Ulrik Blichfeldt, and hear more about our guarantee for property developers that can reduce the number of parking spaces.

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“When choosing a partner, it was important that we could achieve a flexible full-service agreement on delivery of shared cars. With an agreement with GreenMobility, we get the opportunity to both reduce the number of parking spaces when we build new and offer our residents a relevant and flexible mobility solution – it benefits both the environment and the economy. It is a win-win situation where everyone benefits from the collaboration.”

– Glenn Lau Rentius, CIO at A Place To