GreenMobility doubles the scrap prize!

The government offers a scrap prize of DKK 5,000 when you scrap your old diesel car. At GreenMobility, we offer to double the prize and give you driving time for DKK 10,000, for only DKK 5,000, which is equal to your scrap prize. Then you can drive green in our electric cars for a long time, instead of buying a new car.

At GreenMobility, we work to reduce the number of private cars in the cities. We want you to share an electric car and drive green. It pollutes less, makes less noise, and over time we save big amounts of CO2. Therefore, we double your scrap prize when you scrap an old diesel car.

If you send us the scrap prize of DKK 5,000 you get from the government and the documentation for your scrapped diesel car, you will receive an additional DKK 5,000 to drive for. This means that you get DKK 10,000 in total, which you can use to drive for in our electric cars. For DKK 10,000 you get 5,000 minutes. So you pay DKK 5,000 for 5,000 minutes. This means that you drive for only DKK 1 per minute!

How to

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
    • Documentation for your scrapped diesel car
    • The email you created a user with in the GreenMobility app.
  2. We process your request as soon as possible, deduct DKK 5,000 from your associated credit card and then allocate 5,000 minutes worth DKK 10,000 to your GreenMobility account.

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