7 tips to make your Christmas run smoothly

Christmas is supposed to be a time of good cheer, celebration, and relaxation but for many, Christmas can also be stressful. The right presents have to be found, the dinner prepared and everything has to be ready before the big Christmas celebration kicks off on the 24th of December.

To help you avoid business during December and instead enjoy Christmas as β€œthe season to be jolly”, we have gathered 7 tips that help you make it in time, find the last-minute present, park for free while doing the Christmas shopping, and much more.

Ice-cold cheeks, frozen fingers, and lack of space on the bike for all the presents? Over-optimism occasionally takes over when you try to balance all the gifts and goods in the bike’s basket and full bags on the handlebars.

Avoid all the hassle by booking an electric car in our app instead. Then you can check off all the Christmas shopping and Christmas gifts once and for all.

Turn up the seat heater, put on your favorite Christmas songs from our Spotify-Christmas-list and enjoy parking for free at our Hotspots in several shopping malls while doing the Christmas shopping. And if you need some extra space for your stuff, you can rent our spacious vans per minute, hour or day.

2. Park for free in shopping malls πŸ…ΏοΈ

Is there anything worse than short-term paid parking? With GreenMobility, you have VIP parking in several shopping malls in Copenhagen and Aarhus, where you park for free for an unlimited number of hours. Then you avoid rushing around during the Christmas shopping.

KΓΈbenhavn: Park for free at our Hotspots in Fisketorvet, Fields and Frederiksberg Centret.
Aarhus: Park for free at our Hotspots in Bruuns Galleri and Bilka in Tilst.

Use the function “Stopover” in the app while parking. Then the car locks while you are away from it and you can continue the trip when you are ready for it. During “Stopover”, no one can reserve the car and the car is therefore still yours. Remember that “Stopover” costs the same as the normal minute price. If you are driving on an hour or day package, the package is still running during “Stopover”.

3. Get going in time - Get a car delivered πŸš—

Are you going to visit some friends in the other end of the town? Maybe a thick layer of snow has prevented DSB from driving on time, and you have promised the host to bring your popular home-brewed Christmas schnapps and wine for the food?

No problem! Get a car delivered to your address during December from only DKK 79. Then you are guaranteed a free car, exactly when you need to get going. We deliver the car shortly before your chosen delivery time. You can easily order a car for delivery under “Book a car” in the app.

NOTE: Please note that delivery for the 24th of December and 31st of December is sold out in both Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Read more about car delivery here.

4. Chrismas holiday in a Green πŸŽ…

GreenMobility is here for you in thick and thin throughout the holidays! Maybe you are planning a few days away, visiting some family or a whole week’s holiday in Denmark or Sweden?

You can easily rent our electric cars for 1, 2, 3 or 7 days. You can see all our packages here and buy them in the app under “Packages”. When you buy a package that suits your holiday, the package automatically starts on your next trip. Reserve a car in the app and start the trip.

Remember that the package includes a fixed number of kilometers and days. If you drive longer than the ones included, you drive for DKK 2 per minute and km. If you need to drive for a longer period of time, you can always buy an extra package for your trip and continue the trip.

You can charge our electric cars throughout the country. Just remember that the car must return to its zone where you started the trip before the trip can be completed.

Read more about car rental for more days here.

5. Last minute Christmas gift? Give 1000 electric cars 🎁

Are you late with the last Christmas gifts? Or have you suddenly been given the responsibility for this year’s Danish Christmas tradition of buying the almond gift for the Risalamande? Then we have a great idea for the perfect gift that can be purchased online in 2 minutes.

With a gift card to GreenMobility, you can give someone you know access to 1000 electric cars. You choose the amount on the gift card yourself and can have the gift card sent directly by email.

OBS: The website for buying the gift card is in Danish. Buy the gift card for GreenMobility online here.

6. Busy the 24th of December? Get notified of available car πŸ””

The calendar finally says the 24th of December, but you still need to get the last things done in time. If you are among those who rarely leave on time because the last gifts still have to be wrapped, we have a great tip for you this year.

We can notify you of a free car close by, so you do not have to keep track in the app yourself. Just activate a radar in advance in our app.

You choose where and when you need the car. When there is an available car within your chosen radius, we will automatically notify you on your phone, and you can reserve the electric car directly with a single swipe for only DKK 39. (However, completely free from the 8th-12th of December).

Read more about radar here.

7. Dreaming of a... cheaper 2022? πŸ’°

Christmas often eats away at your wallet. Fortunately, you can save more money on driving in 2022 by adding prepaid minutes into your GreenMobility account.

With prepaid minutes, you drive from only DKK 2.25 per minute instead of the standard minute price of DKK 5 per minute. It’s less than half price! And with GreenSaver, you drive at an even lower minute price!

Add 60, 200 or 800 prepaid minutes into your account, which you can spend on many different trips; to do some shopping, drive to IKEA, for exciting experiences in January and much more.

Find the minute package that suits you best under “Packages” in the app.

See all our prices and packages here.