Get notified about an available car nearby with radar

Activate a radar in the app - then we will notify you about the first available car

No cars nearby? Get notified automatically when there is an available car near you. You can now activate a radar in the app and choose in which area and time period you want to be notified about an available car. It is smart when you need to go later in the day or are going home from work.

When an available car appears within your desired area, we will notify you on your phone. And even smarter: You can choose to have the first available car reserved automatically for you for only DKK 39 or from only DKK 19.5, if you are GreenSaver. Then you’ll be the first in line to get the first available car. 

Activate a radar.

And get notified about the first available car.


Select the time and area that the radar should follow. When there is an available car within the area, you will receive a push notification on your phone. Remember to turn on push notifications for GreenMobility so you are sure to receive the message.

Get notified: DKK 0
Reservation: DKK 39
GreenSaver: reservation from only DKK 19.5

Activate a radar in the app
Go to "Book a car" and select "Radar". Select the area and the time period that we should notify you of an available car.
Reserve and be the first in line
Choose whether the first available car automatically should be reserved for you to be the first in line. Reservation costs only DKK 39. Or just choose to be notified of an available car.
We will notify you of an available car
If you have chosen automatic reservation, the car is reserved for you for up to 20 minutes. If not, you reserve the available car in the app with a single click.

Need a car in the future?

Do you already know that you need a car at a certain time, for example, when you are going to an important meeting, at the airport or at a party? Have a car delivered directly to you. We deliver our electric cars to addresses within the zone every day from only DKK 79.

Save up to 50% on radar with GreenSaver

With our GreenSaver subscription, you save up to 50% on reservations through the radar function. When you activate a radar and choose that the first available car should be automatically reserved for you, the reservation costs from only DKK 19.5 instead of the standard price of DKK 39. With GreenSaver, you also save on the minute price and get up to 15% discount on packages and up to 50% on car delivery, reduced excess and much more.