Three easy steps to sign up


How do I sign up?

All you need to register is your personal details, driver’s license and a credit card. We will handle your submission no later than the following business day - and all Your City Cars will be at your disposal.

How do I reserve my City Car?

By using the app you can locate, reserve and unlock Your City Car. All you need to carry with you is your Smartphone. The app also gives you an overview of all available City Cars and shows power condition for each car. Once you have found your nearest City Car, use the app to reserve it for 30 minutes free of charge.

How to start and end my trip?

When you arrive to you chosen City Car, use the app to unlock it. A single tap in the app unlocks the doors, and you end your trip the same way. Renault Zoe is a very easy car to operate and you will quickly become familiar with this modern agile car.

Where can I park?

You can park Your City Car at all public parking spaces that is not time limited and are located inside the zone. We also have a wide range of Hotspots located in car parks, the airport and with our business partners. You can see all Hotspots in the app.

What if I have questions about damages, or my City Car is already damaged?

All questions about Your City Car, the operating zone or if you wish to report any damages, simply contact our customer service team using the call button inside the car.

How do I charge my City Car?

To charge Your City Car you can use the nearest charging station from E.ON. You can not use private charging stations or charging stations reserved to "delebiler". Charging Your City Car is free of charge.

What if I need to stop and run an errand during my trip?

You can easily make a stop along the way without ending your trip. See how in this video.


If you have questions or doubt you can always contact us.

The app is your key

With the Your City Car app you get the key to 400 City Cars right in your pocket. Get a quick overview of all available City Cars and book the one closest to you. In the app you can see all available City Cars, their location and their power level. You use the app to book your car, open it and lock it again when you end your trip. An available City Car can be reserved up to 30 minutes for free prior use. You pay per minute you use and both insurance, parking and power are included in the price.