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Since 2016, GreenMobility has expanded to seven European cities. Read about each city and see where you can use our electric cars in the future when you travel in Europe.

Seven cities, 1,600 electric cars and more than 200,000 users. If you travel to one of GreenMobility’s cities in the future, you can easily use our electric cars and open them in the app the same way as you usually do. In fact, you can buy an hour or day package in Denmark, drive to the airport and then continue the trip when you land in one of our cities. We have made it super easy to drive green in Europe. You just have to be aware of the traffic and parking rules that apply in the particular city – and of course, any corona restrictions that may occur in the current city.

Copenhagen - the first city

Copenhagen is the first city where GreenMobility has established a community with many thousands of users. In Copenhagen and the greater area of Copenhagen, there are 600 electric cars available in the zone, which stretches from Klampenborg in the north to Tårnby in the south and also includes the cities Lyngby, Gladsaxe, Vanløse, Valby, and Amager in the south. In Greater Copenhagen, there are almost thirty Hotspots with free parking for cars.

Aarhus - city of many smiles

By the end of 2019, it was time for further expansion. GreenMobility came to the city of smiles, Aarhus in Jutland. Around 180 cars are available in Aarhus. You can find our many Hotspots with free VIP parking reserved for you in and around the city of Aarhus. The zone in Aarhus runs along the coast to Risskov in the north, Skejby, Aarhus West, and Viby, Slet, and Bakker in the south. If you land in Aarhus with Nordic Seaplanes, you can easily find an electric car and drive to the city center.

Antwerp - GreenMobility expands towards south

GreenMobility expanded for the first time further south in Europe in September 2020 and opened in Antwerp and Ghent in Belgium. In Belgium, there are many hundreds of cars available, which are maintained by our local Belgian street team. At the many Hotspots, you can park for free, and if you land at Brussel Airport, you can often find an available GreenMobility car and drive to the city center of Brussels, Antwerp, or Ghent. When visiting our Belgian cities, you can easily use our cars the same way as you do in Denmark. All the cars can be found and opened in the app.

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Ghent - the city in the south

Ghent is so far the most southern city in which GreenMobility has established itself. GreenMobility expanded to Ghent the same day in September 2020 as Antwerp with a major launch event in Antwerp. In Belgium, the cars float freely between the Belgian cities and you can park at our Hotspots for free.

Read more about GreenMobility in Ghent here.

Helsinki - the most northern city

Helsinki is GreenMobility’s most northern city to date and the capital of Finland. On December the 15th 2020, we launched in Helsinki, and a fleet of electric cars was rolled out on the streets by the local street team. Helsinki has a strong focus on green innovative solutions and was the first to adopt the UN’s goals for sustainable development. Therefore, the city is also a great place for GreenMobility to offer its green and sustainable mobility solution to Helsinki’s more than 600,000 inhabitants.

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GreenMobility bil holder ind i byen tæt på en loppemarket

Brussels - the capital of EU

In April 2021, we opened in the Belgian capital, Brussels where chocolate, beers, and Belgian waffles attract locals and tourists. When visiting Belgium, you can easily drive between our three operational cities in Belgium and leave the car in a different zone than where you started the trip.

Read more about GreenMobility in Brussels here.

Amsterdam in Holland

On 1 January 2022, GreenMobility took over the Dutch company Fetch Mobility and expanded to Amsterdam. When visiting Amsterdam, you can easily use our cars the same way as you do in Denmark. All the cars can be found and opened in the app.

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