7 tips to avoid stress this Christmas

Christmas is a time of good cheer, celebrations, and family time, but the days leading up to it can sometimes be stressful. You have to find the right presents for everyone, (help) prepare a delicious dinner and put up all the decorations before the big Christmas celebration on the 24th of December.

That’s why we’ve gathered some tips to help you avoid stress during Christmas and remember this year’s festivities as “the most wonderful time of the year”. Keep reading for our 7 ways to keep your Christmas shopping, preparations and celebrations in check.

1. Avoid frozen fingers and bike overload

We love biking, but it often happens that we get a little over-optimistic. Ice-cold cheeks and frozen fingers just don’t mix well with balancing bags full of presents on the steering wheel and goodies in your bike basket. If you’re going on a shopping run, you can easily book an electric car in the app. This way you can check off all your Christmas shopping and gift buying once and for all.

Turn up the heat, put on your favorite Christmas playlist – check out our Spotify list – and enjoy parking for free at our Hotspots at several malls and shopping streets. Afterwards, you easily drop your stuff off in front of your house and leave the car behind.


2. Park for free in shopping malls

Is there anything worse than knowing the parking meter is eating up your wallet during your rushed shopping? Luckily, GreenMobility has several free VIP parking spaces right at the city center, at the 2 biggest shopping streets and even some malls. You can simply leave your car there for unlimited hours, while you spend the money you saved on Christmas gifts!

Antwerp: Park for free at our Hotspots ‘Inno’ or ‘Groenplaats’ right at the Meir or find your gifts in ‘Wijnegem Shopping Center’.
Ghent: Park for free at our Hotspots in the ‘Baviaanstraat’ or ‘Sophie Van Akenstraat’ and walk 10 min to the shoppingstreets in Ghent.
Brussels: Park at Interparking Munt and walk straight into the biggest shopping street in Belgium.

If you want to keep the car to drive back afterwards, you can use the function “Stopover” in the app while parking. The car locks while you are away from it, and you can continue the trip when you are ready for it. No one else can reserve the car while you keep it in “Stopover” so it will still be yours. Do remember that the “Stopover” price is the same as our minute price. If you are using a package, it will keep running during “Stopover”.

3. Leave on time with a car delivered to you

Whether you’re visiting your family on the other side of the country, or celebrating festivities in your hometown, our prebook function will make sure that you get there on time. Nobody will have to miss your homemade turkey and croquettes this Christmas!

Get a car delivered to your address during December starting from €5. We will guarantee you have an available car to your door shortly before you have to leave. You can easily order your car delivery in the app under the menu “Book a car”.

Read more about car delivery here.

4. Christmas holidays in a Green

GreenMobility is here for you through thick and thin these holidays! Maybe you are planning to go a few days away, visiting family in different parts of the country?

You can easily rent our electric cars for 1,2,3 or even 7 days. You can see all of our packages and information here and buy them in the app underneath “Packages”. When you buy a package that suits your holiday plans, the package will automatically start on the next trip in one of our cars. Reserve a car in the app and start the trip!

If you’re going away on a longer trip and need to charge the car, you can charge them on almost every charging station across the Benelux. Just remember that our cars need to be returned to one of our Zones in Belgium before you end the trip.

5. Fit all of your decorations in our extra spacious vans

Our Renault Zoe’s are small, handy cars and have space in the trunk for your basic and everyday luggage. But trying to fit all of your newly bought Christmas decorations in a Zoe will probably prove to be impossible. Luckily, you can also rent our spacious Kangoo’s to transport your biggest garden decorations and Christmas trees.

You can recognize the vans in our app by the bigger, gray icons. When renting our vans, you pay the same price starting from €0.25 per minute for renting a van as for renting our city cars. Are you still in doubt that your biggest Christmas tree will fit? You can find all the right measurements and information here.


6. Give 200 electric cars for Christmas this year

Are you often late with buying your Christmas gifts? Or maybe you’re really stuck on what to give someone? Then we have a great gift idea that you can purchase right now and will be delivered to you today!

Of course, there is no way to easily wrap up 200 electric cars. That’s why we have created the Green Gift Card to give anyone access to our 200 cars in the city. You can choose the amount on the gift card yourself, and we’ll send it directly to you by email.

7. Busy on Christmas Eve? Get notified of an available car!

The calendar finally says the 24th of December, but you still have to get the last things done before you leave! If you have trouble leaving in time because you’re still wrapping the last presents, we have a great solution for you this year.

We can notify you of an available car close to you so you don’t have to keep track of our app yourself! Just activate a radar in advance and choose a timeframe and location. When there is an available car within your chosen location, we send a notification to your phone. With a single swipe, you can even decide to automatically reserve the car for you for only €5.