Get a car delivered to you

With GreenMobility, you can have an electric car delivered to you in Antwerp – within the zone, exactly when you need it. It’s smart if you are planning a getaway, going to a meeting, going to the airport, or just require a car.

Just like a regular taxi, you order a car directly to the address, but simply drive the car yourself. Greener, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. And what is great too is that you don’t have to drop off the car at a rental location. Smart and easy.

Prebook in the app

Choose where and when you need the car. We deliver to addresses within our zone every day, 24/7.

Choose a car and distance

Choose car type and how far you are driving, so we can ensure the right amount of power for your trip.

Relax and let the car come to you

Sit back and prepare for your trip. You will receive an SMS when the car is ready by the address.

How it works

Easily prebook a car in the GreenMobility app under the menu “Book a car”. Here, you choose an address within the zone, time and date for delivery. You also choose how many kilometers you  have to drive in total, so we can ensure the right amount of power for your trip.

You can have our Renault Zoe or Renault Kangoo (+ €10 extra) delivered. After choosing the type of car, simply confirm your selection in the app. You will receive a confirmation by SMS and e-mail as well.

The car is reserved for you, starting from 20 minutes (for free) before the delivery time until 1 hour afterwards (for €0.15 per minute).

Prebook your car at least 15 hours in advance.  


Delivery within 500 meters from the desired address: €10

Delivery to an address: €15

Delivery to the Airport: €20

Delivery of a Renault Kangoo van: €10 extra

Prebook a car in the app.

Download the app and prebook right away.

  Download i Google Play Download i AppStore

Go to the menu in the app and press “Prebook”.

Drive and leave the car at the desired destination within the zone. Easy, convenient and green. See our parking rules here.

Call +32 3 322 11 22 for support