Greener cities for a more sustainable future

GreenMobility is a 100% electric car sharing service that reduces CO2 emissions, congestion and noise in our cities. Every time you drive with us, you contribute to a greener tomorrow.

100% electric

All our cars are 100% electric and run on renewable energy. This means not only a reduction in CO2 emissions and other dangerous substances, but also less noise in our cities.

Sharing economy

Reduced consumption and a sustainable development. When you drive with GreenMobility, you contribute to smarter use of our common resources for a lower climate impact.

More space in the city

Most cars are standing still and taking up space 95% of the time. Shared cars replace 7 normal cars and frees up space for other things, such as more parks, pedestrian streets and green oases.

+35 cities with +10.000 EV's by 2025

We live on a continent where 23%1 of CO2 emissions are linked to domestic transport, and just over 70%2 of those emissions are linked to road transport, and primarily cars. As more and more people move to the cities, we all have an important task ahead of us if we truly want to reduce CO2 emissions. Together we can lead a sustainable development, where cities and people are in focus.

At GreenMobility, we have high ambitions to become an integral part of urban infrastructure. We believe that by offering simple and green transportation options in our cities, we can reverse the trend and change people’s behaviour. That is why we aspire to be present in +35 European cities with +10,000 electric cars by 2025. There’s no more time to waste.








of CO₂ saved

Sustainable Development Goals

Three goals in focus. What do we actually do?

11 – Sustainable cities and communities

More than half of the world’s population already lives in urban areas and by 2050 it is expected to have increased to two thirds. Our mobility solution makes it possible for everyone to have access to an environmentally friendly car as much as they need, without owning it. In this way, we free up space in the cities, contribute to less congestion, and reduce noise for more pleasant cities. With 1600 electric cars in 7 cities and high ambitions for growth, we work daily for more sustainable cities.

12 – Responsible consumption & production

We work with sustainable suppliers, such as Blue Corner, who supply our cars with electricity from solar, wind and water. In addition, our Renault Zoe cars are produced from 90% recycled material, of which two types are recycled plastic. Likewise, the interior textiles consist of 100% recycled material. When the cars are damaged or can no longer be used, we make sure that they are recycled (both windows, batteries, metals, and tires) sustainably.

13 – Climate action

Fighting climate change is one of GreenMobility’s core areas, which is why our fleet consists exclusively of electric cars that do not emit any dangerous substances. On an average trip, you save 1.2 kg of CO2, which corresponds to the climate footprint in the production of a litre of milk or 3 cups of black coffee3. Our climate action also entails a constant dialogue with decision-makers to promote the importance of the green agenda and sustainable mobility solutions, both B2C, B2B and B2G.

ESG and Sustainability Report

We take pride in our sustainability work. Since 2019 we have been members of UN Global Compact and have been nominated to the SDG Tech Awards Denmark both in 2020 and again in 2021. In our ESG and Sustainability Report, you can read more about how we work with UN’s Global Compact goals and sustainability. At SMV COP 2021, our ESG and Sustainability Report 2020 was recognized to be one of the best sustainability reports that year.