Electric vans

Rent our electric vans when you need some extra space.

Do you need a little extra space in the car? Our spacious vans make it easy to take a trip to IKEA to shop big or to move small and big things.


4,6m³ space

The van can contain 4,6 m3. The dimensions are: Height: 1,10 m, Width: 1,20 m, Depth: 2,00 m.

100% electric

No CO2 emissions or other particles. Transport your big stuff with a clean conscience. Their range is 200 km.

From €0.25 per minute

It does not have to be more expensive to rent vans. Drive for as little as €0.28 per minute, or rent it for hours or days.

Get it delivered

Find the vans in the app and reserve them as usual. But you can also pre-book and get the car delivered.

Note: The price from €0.28 per minute can be achieved by buying one of our prepaid packages.

It is not more expensive to drive our vans. With GreenMobility you get the cheapest rates on the market. You can drive for as little as €0.28 per minute. You can of course also rent the electric vans for more hours or days. You can find our packages in the app underneath “Packages”.

Renault Kangoo

Our Renault Kangoo has 4 m³ space in the cargo. It is electric like our other cars and has an automatic transmission. The van has a range of approx. 200 km and is available in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. The van has seats for two passengers.

To start the van, use the key located in the holder in the glove compartment. When you are finished driving, it is important that you place the chip in the holder again and end your trip in the app when you have stepped out of the van.

Measures of the cargo: Height: 1.10 m, Width: 1.20 m, Length: 2.00 m

Standard price: €0,46/minute
Price with packages: From €0,28/minute
Using hour or day packages on vans: +€10 per package

How to charge Renault Kangoo


  1. Open the charging cover at the front of the van with your hands.
  2. Plug in the cable in the socket on the car and then in the charging station. The cable is in the trunk.
  3. Take the BlueCorner card in the glove compartment and hold it against the charging station to start charging.
  4. Place the BlueCorner card back into the cardholder underneath the gear shift.

Sign up with us.

Get going with our vans.


Signing up is free

Create a user in the app and add your credit card, your license and a selfie. Only the user can drive the electric vans. Add the payment method you prefer.

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