Green is the new Black Friday

gif 'green is the new black'

We know Black Friday as the day for big discounts and great deals. In the last few years, the American tradition slowly made its way to Belgium and the rest of Europe. Of course, many people take the opportunity to buy that new camera they had their eye on. Or to start their Christmas shopping early. There is no problem in buying what you need, but try to stay away from overconsumption and buying something just because it’s a good deal.

In other words, try to turn Black Friday into Green Friday! Take your shopping in a greener direction with our Green Friday Guide, because green is the new black:

Green Friday Guide

Only get what you need 🤚

Of course, you can use this time to buy what you need, but avoid getting things just because they’re on sale. The more people shop, the more companies will have to produce, which becomes more waste for the environment.

Look for quality marks 🔎

Look out for quality marks like Ecolabel, FSC or Fairtrade when you are shopping for sustainable products. It’s definitely worth paying a little more for organic products if they last you longer as well!

Always think circular ♻️

You are getting a new camera on Black Friday, but still have a working one at home? Try it to give it a new life, by selling it or bringing it to your local thrift store. Likewise, look out to buy sustainable products you can reuse.

Shop in Thrift stores 🛍️

Speaking of thrifting: While you bring your old camera to the thrift store, you can take a look at their amazing deals. Extend product life-cycles of books, clothes, games or whatever else catches your eye!

Drive green with us 🚘

A straightforward way to make your Black Friday more green, is by sharing a Green instead of using a petrol car! Driving green, you’ll contribute to a cleaner, less noisy and more spacious city.

Support local shops 📍

These last two years have been especially difficult for local, small business and entrepreneurs. Explore the local shops in your neighborhood and support their Black Friday deals with a clear conscience.

With these tips, you have everything you need to enjoy this Green Friday in an ecological and sustainable way. Luckily, you can also use them to go shopping for Christmas, or every other day of the year! Just take one of our Greens and make sure you focus on buying the things you need.