7 fall activities to do with GreenMobility

man in car ties his shoe with an autumn forest in the background

A little more than a week ago, our users shared their plans for this fall in a GreenMobility giveaway. Let’s bring back their ideas as inspiration, now that we are in the middle of the autumn holidays! Now, enjoy our overview of fall activities that you can do with GreenMobility. 

1. Visit a pumpkin farm

There is no vegetable that screams fall and Halloween more than a pumpkin. In the village of Kasterlee, they even organize pumpkin activities every weekend from the start of fall. Maybe that’s why one of our users thought of visiting a pumpkin farm this holiday and picking her own pumpkins in the farm. Inspired by this idea and planning to pick the biggest pumpkin in the field? Rent our van in the app, and you will have plenty of room for it!

pompoenen op een pompoenboerderij

2. Celebrate Halloween in a theme park

One of the most popular activities among our users’ plans, was visiting a theme park during Halloween. Most Belgian amusement parks and zoos turn into horror parks during the fall holidays. The parks stay open longer, turn into one big ghost park, and the visitors are all dressed up. It is the perfect activity for friend groups or families with children that don’t get scared easily!

3. An fall walk with family

If you prefer things a bit more quiet or have younger children, fall walks are of course a great activity too. While you enjoy a colourful walk in the forest with your family, one of our users recommends picking chestnuts with children (be careful with the husks) and letting them look for gnomes under the mushrooms. With our discount on the 10-hour package, you easily drive to and from your favourite fall forest with a Green.

4. Discovering all of Belgium's corners

You can of course also drive a bit further than the nearest forest. For example, one GreenMobility user had the idea to drive to the Ardennes to enjoy a fall picnic. Another user would instead go to the other side of Belgium for a weekend at our coast. Read here how you can in no-time become an expert in long-distance journeys with electric cars.

5. Your city in new light

As the days grow shorter, our cities are organizing more evening and inside activities. An Antwerp user recommends enjoying the fall atmosphere during de Grote Schijn in Rivierenhof, a light spectacle in the dark. Also in Ghent, some users put on their Halloween outfits again next weekend during FACTS in Flanders Expo. Enough events to see your city in the new light during the fall holidays!

6. A GreenMobility city trip

GreenMobility is active in the 3 largest cities in Belgium, and our users know this! While one of them is giving her friend a tour of Ghent these holidays, another is going on an excursion to Brussels. With GreenMobility, you can easily drive to one of our other cities and leave the car there. Perfect for a GreenMobility city trip!

7. Starting the winter season early

There are always people who cannot wait to start the next holiday after Halloween. One of our Antwerp users wanted to go to the Christmas Town in Valkenburg in a week. This is a great activity to get into the Christmas spirit, for those who can’t celebrate Christmas early enough!

Clearly, there is no reason to be bored during the fall holidays. Whether you want to take it easy at home or have a full week planned: GreenMobility adapts to your needs. View all of our packages, prices and promotions here, so you are ready to go when it suits you!