Comparison: Is it cheaper to own or to share a car?

Are you debating between buying a car or switching fully to using car sharing services such as GreenMobility? There are many factors to weigh in, the costs probably being an important one for most of you. So keep reading while we get our calculators out to do the maths for you! 

The same usage in different ways

To make the calculations as simple and understandable as possible, we will compare the average monthly costs of owning a car to the cost of car sharing with GreenMobility. According to the Belgian car sharing website, a car will cost you on average between 688 and 857 euro per month in Belgium. This price includes depreciation, repairs, service, tires, insurance and fuel/electricity. Parking, while a high cost for many, is not included in this price. So keep in mind that parking is included in the price when you park a Green in your city.


A car will cost you on average between 668 and 857 euro per month in Belgium.

So how much would you pay per month if you start car sharing with GreenMobility? Let’s take the lowest average cost of 688 euro and give you an overview of how much you could drive with us for that price1. This is what you get for the same price in one month:

  •  20 x 45 minutes to go to work and back on weekdays, 5 days a week.
  •  5 x 50 kilometre day packages, so you can run your errands, get groceries or go to your weekly appointments.
  •  2 x two-day packages for weekend trips or family visits far from home.

Other benefits of car sharing

As you can see, you don’t have to compromise your driving when you switch to car sharing. Of course, you don’t have to stick to this formula. You can choose and pick between our packages until you find the ones that fit your needs. And even better, you don’t have to worry about cleaning or maintenance of the cars. We will take care of it.

Another plus of car sharing is of course its benefits for the climate, compared to owning a car. You can enjoy your trip, knowing you are helping us create cleaner cities with less emission, noise and congestion. You can access our cars via the GreenMobility app and even book a trip today if you like!

45 x 20 x €0.25 (45 minutes driving 20 days per month with prepaid minutes (€0.25/min.))
5 x 39 (five day packages with 50 km for €39)
2 x 125 (Two 2 day packages for €125)
In total, it counts up to 670 Euro.