Happy first birthday to us!

Exactly one year ago – on September 28 – our electric cars went live in the app for the first time. That is why today we look back at the milestones we have achieved with your help. Let us take a look at the future together. 

3 greener Belgian cities

In September last year, we launched our first two cities: Antwerp and Ghent. It soon became clear that our users wanted our cars to commute between cities, so we activated roaming. Since then, you can open a car in one city and close it again and leave it in another city. With the opening of our 3 Brussels Hotspots, we were able to connect the three largest cities in Flanders. In the near future, we plan to open Brussels as a free-float city as well, where you can park and leave your car anywhere in the Brussels Zone.

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More driving, less emissions

23% of CO2 emissions in Europe are linked to domestic transport, and just over 70% are linked to road transport, primarily cars. During the first year of GreenMobility Belgium, our users saved more than 90 tons together by driving electric cars instead of petrol cars.

Apart from this, car sharing increasingly reduces the use of private cars. The more often our users can take our cars for their daily trips, the less there is need for a private car in every family. This way, we can create cleaner cities in the long run, with less pollution, less noise and more space.

In collaboration with you

It goes without saying that we achieve our goals because of your efforts as well. With more than 2,500 new users since the start of GreenMobility, we have formed a growing community around electric car sharing. We receive a lot of positive, constructive feedback from our users, which helps us shape future decisions for GreenMobility.


“Our high usage rates and positive customer reviews give us a boost to further refine and innovate our services”

“After our start-up in the Covid-19 pandemic, GreenMobility can look back on a successful first year. Being active in three cities within 12 months is a boost for the entire team and a nice reward for the hard work they put in every day. Our usage rates and positive customer reviews give us inspiration to further refine and innovate our services. We are very grateful to all of our users for their trust” says Steve Van Avermaet, Managing Director of GreenMobility Belgium.

We want to thank all of our GreenMobility users for driving green with us this last year!