GreenMobility launches roaming between Antwerp and Ghent

From now on, GreenMobility users can drive freely between Antwerp and Ghent! What does this mean? You can now take a car in Ghent, drive to Antwerp and just leave the car behind. Try roaming out yourself with one of our hour packages in the app!

Drive freely between cities

With roaming, our users are completely free to drive around within the Zone. Are you going from Ghent to Antwerp tomorrow? Then you can park the car and leave it behind in the zone of Antwerp after your trip. Afterwards, you can just take the car closest to you back home. As you can see, you are driving just like you are used to, but then in the whole of Belgium.

Brussels Airport opens for Ghent

As the Zone is completely opened up, our Ghent users can finally park at the Hotspots of Brussels Airport and the Airport of Antwerp. To park at these Hotspots – or when you take a car at these Hotspots – you pay a small extra fee. For more information about the Hotspots at the airports, you can click here.

The same goes for our other satellites and Hotspots: Antwerp users can now park at Ikea Ghent en Ghent users can go shopping in Wijnegem Shopping Center. If that isn’t something to look forward to after lockdown! The satellites are clearly marked in the app with green lines.